Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping – How to Respond Correctly

carbon monoxide detector beeping

Carbon monoxide detector beeping is a common event that every carbon monoxide detectors owners are facing. A correct response against it is very important.

In fact, not all beeping cases are the same. You should act differently for each beeping case since the meaning is also different.

And the meaning does not always mean that the detector is detecting carbon monoxide gas.

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7 Practicable Safety Tips for Workers That Will Stop Accidents Today

safety tips for workers

Workers have very important rules in accident prevention. But, most workers might do not know what they should do to prevent an incident.

Indeed, that’s a very big problem.

But, do not worry. In this post, I will share 7 safety tips for workers that are practicable.

You can implement them today after reading this post.

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30 Daily Safety Tips for the Workplace – How to Stay Safe at Work

daily workplace safety tips

In this post, I am going to share with you 30 daily safety tips for the workplace, which you can implement readily to stay safe at work.

Since I know a fact that …

Some of us may try to improve safety at work after suffering a severe accident. Or reading an accident story from the news.

It is the worst way to follow.

You don’t want to follow that way, right?

So, implementing the following daily safety tips for the workplace below is a surefire to stay safe at work. [Continue reading…]


Top 10 Tools for Handling Chemical Spills in the Workplace

chemical spills response

Hazardous chemical spills in the workplace are one of the most common problems in the chemical industry and manufacturing industry. In this context, I only will discuss incidental chemical spills that do not require emergency response.

Lets see the definition first.

According to OSHA, a chemical incidental spill is a release of a hazardous substance that does not pose a significant safety or health hazard to employees in the immediate vicinity or to the worker cleaning it up, nor does it have the potential to become an emergency.

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Respirator Cartridge for Ammonia – The Best Seller List

respirator cartridge for ammonia1

It is no doubt that ammonia is a hazardous chemical that is commonly found in the manufacturing industry, for example as a refrigerant.

Exposure to a high level of ammonia can cause irritation and serious burns on the skin and in the eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs. At a very high level, ammonia can cause death.

The best way to avoid ammonia hazards is by using the elimination method as a hazard control. In fact, using this method is very hard and required a high cost.

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Confined Space Safety Slogan – A Helpful Tool to Improve Confined Space Safety

confined space safety slogan

A confined space safety slogan is another choice for you in communicating confined space safety. As you may already know that good communication is key to confined space work safety.

A combination of good communication, complete confined space entry equipment, perfect standard operating procedure, and supervision will ensure the safety of all personnel, who involve in confined space work.

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Forklift Pedestrian Accident Statistics – The Important Numbers You Should Know

forklift pedestrian accident statistics

Forklift-pedestrian accident statistics show you how important it is to design a safe workplace for forklift operations and pedestrians.

The key point in the design is separation. Forklift and pedestrians shall have different traffic. It means that traffic control is the key.

In addition, as I wrote in my previous post, 10 Easy to Follow Forklift Safety Tips for Pedestrian, more intersections will also increase forklift-pedestrian accident probability.

In fact, finding out the number one cause of forklift accidents is not a simple task. Even if you have gathered many forklift accident data in your hand. [Continue reading…]

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Step Ladder Safety Tips That New Workers Should Know

ladder safety video

Are you a new worker who uses a step ladder in your daily jobs? Or do you want to improve the safety of step ladder operation? If your answer is yes for both questions, then you should read the step ladder safety tips that I write in this post.

Step ladder safety is a very important topic. That’s why you have to understand this topic very well.

Before we dive into the tips, let’s first see some important facts about the importance of step ladder safety.

According to the statistics data from the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention that in the last 10 years 43% of fatal falls involved ladder use.

In addition, in 2011 there were 113 fatalities in work-related ladder fall injuries. [Continue reading…]

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