work gloves work gloves

There are several factors you should consider before selecting work gloves that fit your work types and working conditions. In chemical plant operations where various hazardous chemicals handled and multiple activities that can harm worker’s hands done, reliable work gloves could prevent workers from injuries. Work glove is a part of the whole personal protective…

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scaffolding accidents scaffolding accidents

Scaffold accidents may be seen as a secondary hazard in a chemical plant. It could be understood because the use of scaffold is less frequent in operating or existing chemical plants. The scaffold is probably used if there is construction work done at the plant site. In addition, the scaffold-related accident has higher probabilities to…

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safety signs and symbols safety signs and symbols

Safety signs and symbols are important safety communication tools. They help to indicate various hazards that present in plant site or workplace. At the same time, they warn workers to always keep watching on those hazards by giving required information and safety instructions. They do not only inform the presence of hazards but also keep…

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lel meter lel meter

LEL (Lower Explosion Limit) monitor or a combustible gas monitor is a very vital aspect in hot work safety. Failure in doing an accurate LEL monitor will bring to a catastrophic condition. The same condition will also happen when you use an improperly calibrated LEL meter or LEL detector, which is used to measure the…

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lab safety supplies lab safety supplies

Success in managing laboratory safety supplies will directly affect the performance of safety in laboratory operation as a whole. Laboratory, which contains various hazardous chemicals, pressurized gases, flammable gases, and electrical energy, if not properly managed, could present harmful working conditions to workers. Better lab safety supplies management will not only ensure the availability of…

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Zonesafe Proximity Warning system greatly enhances collision avoidance between pedestrian and moving vehicles in the workplace
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