maintenance safety slogans

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that maintenance works were responsible for 70 fatal work injuries in 2020 in the United States of America. This number decreased if compared to the 2019 data, where 78 fatal work injuries occurred.

The above statistics show us that maintenance works have various potential hazards that we must be aware of.

We must communicate them in effective ways and address also effective hazard control techniques.

To communicate maintenance work hazards, we can use maintenance safety slogans, which are easy to do and fun.

To start with this, you can pick up ones from the following maintenance safety slogans.

They are powerful safety messages if you can use them effectively. You can read the guide here.

Maintenance Safety Slogans

  1. “Safety first, maintenance always.”
  2. “Maintenance safety is everyone’s responsibility.”
  3. “Secure tools, safe maintenance.”
  4. “Safety is the best tool in maintenance.”
  5. “Protect yourself, prevent accidents.”
  6. “Maintain with care, work with awareness.”
  7. “Guard against hazards, embrace safety in maintenance.”
  8. “Safety gears on, maintenance fears are gone.”
  9. “Maintaining safety, ensuring reliability.”
  10. “Fix it right, fix it safe.”
  11. “Maintenance excellence starts with safety.”
  12. “Stay alert, stay safe during maintenance.”
  13. “Safety is the key, maintenance is the door.”
  14. “Prevent harm, practice safety in maintenance.”
  15. “Work smart, maintain safe.”
  16. “Safety is the heartbeat of maintenance.”
  17. “Secure the future, maintain safely today.”
  18. “Safety in every bolt, maintenance in every turn.”
  19. “Avoid a mess, follow safety in maintenance.”
  20. “Well-maintained, safely attained.”
  21. “Safety is the blueprint of maintenance success.”
  22. “Gear up for safety, gear down for maintenance.”
  23. “Maintenance with precision, safety with decision.”
  24. “Keep it tight, keep it safe.”
  25. “Safety in every task, maintenance in every ask.”
  26. “Guard against the unexpected, maintain with the expected.”
  27. “Hands-on tools, eyes on safety.”
  28. “Safe tools, sound maintenance.”
  29. “Prevent accidents, practice maintenance safety.”
  30. “Maintenance secure, accidents obscure.”
  31. “Safe practices, reliable maintenance.”
  32. “Safety rules, maintenance tools.”
  33. “Mind your steps, ensure maintenance safety.”
  34. “Maintenance prowess, safety first class.”
  35. “Secure tools, sound maintenance practices.”
  36. “Think safe, maintain safe.”
  37. “Safety and maintenance, hand in hand.”
  38. “Accident-free maintenance, the goal we pursue.”
  39. “Safe upkeep, smooth operation.”
  40. “Precision in maintenance, dedication to safety.”
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