workplace safety awareness tips

Improving safety culture cannot be done within a day or week. It will take times and requires hard work from your side.

The first thing that you must improve before improving safety culture is improving awareness toward safety.

Awareness from the employer, employees and all related stake holders.

The question is then how can we improve awareness of the employees against safety?

Follow the workplace safety awareness tips below to keep your employees’ awareness alive.

Tips #1 Use Grab-Attention Safety Slogan
Don’t use ordinary safety slogan without shocking image. Use one that grabs attention from employees. Never use the same safety slogan for long time to avoid immunity.

Tips #2 Carry Out Safety Patrol with the Big Boss
I believe that everyone will pay more attention to the big boss comment and feedback than others. Schedule safety patrol with him to get employees’ attention.

Tips #3 Talk About Safety More Often Than Before
Once per day safety talk will not enough to keep awareness of the employees. Talk more often and choose the best time to talk.

Tips #4 Expose Safety Violation Report to the Entire Employees
No one will accept to get expose for his or her mistake. Try to do this to use their psychological sides to get their best efforts in keeping safety.

Tips #5 Provide Valuable Rewards for Safety Achievers
Appreciate employees who already made efforts to make safety achievement. Believe me that this is a very good investment company has ever made.

Implement all the above workplace safety awareness tips to improve safety at the workplace.

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You can start from the tips that you think the most effective action.