cooling tower safety tips

In this post, we will learn about cooling tower safety tips to prevent accidents in the cooling tower, during construction, operation, and maintenance as happened in China power station in 2016.

Cooling tower safety starts from its construction stage, operation, and then at its maintenance stage.

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The following cooling tower safety tips will give you practical guidance on how to construct, operate and maintain a cooling tower in safe manners.

Cooling Tower Safety Tips

Tips #1 Make a perfect preparation for the installation new cooling tower

Installation of a new cooling tower and replacement of existing cooling tower are high risk works. They involve lifting high loads with heavy equipment.

For replacement of an existing cooling tower even involves more complex works. Since it starts with demolishing of the existing one and then continued by installing a new one.

To perform such high risk work, perfect preparation is the key.

Don’t miss any preparation in details. A checklist will be very helpful.

Tips #2 Stop cooling water leakage immediately

Cooling water leakage creates slippery surface on cooling tower. Besides that, it will accelerate wooden structure mechanical damage.

Tips #3 Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Chemical charging into cooling tower basin will expose workers towards chemical hazards. So, wearing appropriate PPE is a must, like face shields and safety goggles.

Tips #4 Never work alone inside cooling tower

Work alone inside cooling tower is very dangerous. In case something bad happen to you, then no one will know and you will not be able to get immediate help.

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Tips #5 Be careful when inspecting the hot water basin

Climbing to the top of cooling tower and rotating fan blades are two obvious hazards exist on the hot water basin. So, be careful when you will inspect them or doing preventive maintenance works on there.

Tips #6 Use scaffolding for filler clean up

Preventive maintenance of cooling tower such as clean up of PVC filler, requires work at height. Never climb cooling tower. But, use a scaffolding for doing that jobs.

Tips #7 Be careful when clean up cold water basin

Cleaning up cold water basin not only will expose workers towards slippery surface, but also other potential hazards like bacteria, electric short, oxygen deficiency, falling object and etc. So, make sure that workers wear appropriate PPE.


Installing, operating and maintaining a cooling tower will expose workers to several kind of potential hazards. You have to work by following the above cooling tower safety tips to stay safe.

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