metal drilling safety tips

Drilling works are ones of the most important works in manufacturing industry. However, drilling works contain many kind of hazards, especially when drilling on metal.

To uncover those hazards, you need to do hazard identification process. Then, assess those hazards to decide appropriate hazard control method.

In addition, following safety tips below will help you doing drilling on metal safer, faster and easier.

Tips #1 Select the correct drill tools

This is the first step for a safer metal drilling. Get the correct drill type, size and drill bits as well as the materials. Ask this information to your supplier if you are unsure about this.

Do not ignore quality when selecting the type of drilling tools or milling tools. Purchase only from trusted supplier.

Tips #2 Always wear appropriate PPE

Always wear protective safety goggle and other personal protective equipment (hand gloves, respiratory mask, every time doing drilling works. This is a must for a safe work.

Tips #3 Use A Drill Board

A drill board or drill base is used as a frame and guide for the drilling work. It is also called sacrificial board that is used to make sure that the drill bit will not tear up the hole.

Tips #4 Hold the Corded Drill on Its Handle

Do not hold or hang corded drills from their cables because this will break the cables or cause short circuits.

Tips #5 Use Waterproof Cordless Drill

Using cordless drill is safer than corded drill when potential water splash or spills may happen. If you use corded drill and water comes onto it, immediately unplug the power to avoid short circuits. But, this will not be a problem if you use waterproof cordless drills.

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Tips #6 Use A Hammer to Make A Marking Before Drilling

This is done to avoid the drill from skidding or slipping. In addition, with too much pressure on the drill will also result the same.

Tips #7 Do Not Use Hand to Metal When Drilling

Instead, use a clamp to keep the metal stable that will be drilled. It is very dangerous to use hand to hold the metal since it will hurt your hand.