safety tips for house keeping

Safety starts with a clean workplace. You will not be able to keep a clean workplace if you have a bad workplace house keeping practices or have house keeping problems.

Even though workplace house keeping is very important activity, but you should realize that house keeping contains several potential safety hazards such as slips, trips, falling, electric short, static electricity, chemical exposures, sharp objects and so on.

To keep your safety while doing housing keeping activities, there are practical things that you should follow.

Follow safety tips for house keeping below to stay safe while you are doing house keeping activity in the workplace:

Tips #1 Establish a definite standard operating procedure

Cleaning a chemical storage area will require a different procedure with cleaning a construction office. This is because each of those areas has a unique condition and also contains different safety hazards.

Tips #2 Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wearing the right personal protective equipment is a mandatory when doing workplace house keeping activities since there will be potential safety hazards that may harm your safety and health.

Tips #3 Prepare the right house keeping kits

House keeping kits such like dust brush, adsorbent, cleaning cart, microfiber cleaning cloth and so on should be selected with care. You should ensure the material is resist to various kind of liquids or chemicals.

Tips #4 Read the SDS of cleaning chemical before use

You will need various cleaning chemicals while doing house keeping activities in the workplace. Make sure that you have read the SDS before using them. At least read the label.

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Tips #5 Have a clear house keeping schedule

A clear schedule will keep house keeping activities done regularly and ensure clean condition in the workplace.

Tips #6 Prioritize prevention measures

House keeping is very important activity to keep workplace clean. However, always prioritize prevention measures than doing house keeping activities. Focusing this measure will reduce house keeping load in to low level.

Tips #7 Educate all employees about the important of house keeping

To make house keeping become a part of company’s cultures, do not forget to make a regular education program for all employees about the importance of house keeping for safety.

Tips #8 Use safety slogans as the communication media

There are many kinds of communication media you can use to promote about house keeping. But, you are recommended to use safety slogans as the main communication media. Why? Because safety slogans will continue to work 24 hours a days. This is very effective to grow employee’s awareness toward house keeping.