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How Two-way Radios Improve Safety in the Workplace

improve workplace safety

Safety in the workplace should always be the number one priority of management and business owners. Of course, businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their workforce. But a safer workplace is also a more productive workplace.

In this article, we look at two-way radios and how they can help to improve safety in the workplace.

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The Importance of PEC Training

pec training


The petroleum industry is one of the most dangerous industries around. The risks involved are high and can lead to many injuries and even fatalities for employees if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. 

That’s where Petroleum Enforcement Commission (PEC) training comes in. It’s vital for any company, especially in the oil and gas industry, to ensure that all of their employees are properly trained, as there are many risks involved.

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How to Select the Best Welding Helmet with Respirator

welding helmet with respirator

Safety is the number one priority when you talk about utilizing different welding techniques. There are various gases generated during welding that can result in serious breathing difficulties if breathed. When these gases come into contact with fibers, they become considerably more dangerous.

For the majority of welding specialists, this is a major problem. That’s why a welding helmet with a respirator is necessary. The helmets are made to shield your lungs from damaging welding fumes and gases. But how to select the best welding helmet with respirator?

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Calibration Gases – The Safety Lifeline for Workers and Industries

calibration gases

If there is one crucial element for the oil & gas industry, it is the calibration gases. These gases are used as reference materials in analytical instruments of gas measurement like gas detectors and gas analyzers. They enable precise measurements to be made for these devices. These gas mixtures must meet several demands to be used as calibration standards. Many people may wonder what makes them different. We will address the varieties of calibration gases here.

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EPZ Grounding Grates 101

epz grounding grates

Working on a site where high-voltage lines are present is one of the most dangerous situations a construction crew can face. Workers must take every conceivable precaution to ensure they or their crew mates are not at risk of suffering a severe electrical shock caused by faults. One of the most important safety protocols crews can use to prevent potentially fatal incidents is the use of an EPZ grounding grate. Installing these in areas where power lines are present offers a significant level of protection against electrocution. Read on to learn the basics of these valuable pieces of equipment and how they work to keep you safe on the job site.

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Why Instrumental Sunshades are a Game-changer for the Oil & Gas and the Marine Industry

instrumental sunshades

When talking about workplace safety, the safety of the workers or personnel in a rig or a plant is what is discussed the most.  One crucial aspect of safety,  which is protecting the equipment and devices in high-risk work environments like on a ship or a rig, is hardly ever talked about. 

Anyone working in the oil & gas or marine industry can vouch for the fact that the working environment can be harsh – both from external and internal factors. External factors include extreme sun exposure etc. Internal factors include falling debris and mechanical damage among others. 

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7 Practical Cooling Tower Safety Tips You Must Know

cooling tower safety tips

In this post, we will learn about cooling tower safety tips to prevent accidents in the cooling tower, during construction, operation, and maintenance as happened in China power station in 2016.

Cooling tower safety starts from its construction stage, operation, and then at its maintenance stage.

The following cooling tower safety tips will give you practical guidance on how to construct, operate and maintain a cooling tower in safe manners.

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