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26 Ready to Follow Ideas for Construction Safety Meeting Topics

construction safety meeting topics

Before starting any construction work in a chemical plant, you will want to conduct a construction safety meeting which is attended by safety in charges within your company or plant, construction workers, and laborers. It is usually conducted daily, weekly, and or monthly within the construction schedule.

At that time, you should choose appropriate construction safety meeting topics. They are very important in which you communicate any safety-related topics with the construction jobs.

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Delivering Safety Messages Through Safety Hard Hat Stickers

safety hard hat stickers

Many workers put hard hat stickers that show off what they like such as their names, badge numbers, their favorite football player, or unique images. But, only a few of them apply safety hard hat stickers. Employers can instruct their workers to apply safety stickers in order to deliver safety messages.

There are many custom safety hard hat stickers that you can select to deliver a certain safety message. They are best to deliver safety messages or topics related to each worker’s workplace condition.

As an example, if workers work closely with flammable gas or liquid, you can warn them about fire hazards and what they have to avoid. Or you can simply use a flammable material hazard symbol.

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22 Practical Safety Tips for Chemical Storage Tanks

The explosion on a chemical storage tank at Packaging Corporation of America, Tomahawk, Wisconsin, on July 29, 2008, which killed three people, has shown how chemical storage tanks could put hazards into reality.

The above accident did not represent the entire potential hazards associated with the presence of chemical storage tanks in a chemical plant. In addition, the condition becomes worst when chemicals stored in the tanks are flammable, combustible, corrosive, or even toxic.

Because chemical storage tanks present in all chemical plants, improvement of their safety is very important. That’s why this article is written.

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23 Turnaround Safety Topic for Chemical Manufacturing Plant

turnaround safety topics

Yearly plant maintenance or turnaround is the biggest event for a chemical manufacturing plant.

In a turnaround, almost all equipment is opened, checked, repaired, or overhauled. Many personnel – with various skill levels and experiences – are involved.

At the same time, various kinds of hazardous chemicals are exposed to the atmosphere, personnel, and wastewater line.

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