chemical plant on fire 2020

This is a new post series about the chemical plant on fire that I will publish in the form of a yearly story.

The main purpose of publishing this post series is to improve our awareness against fire hazards, especially for chemical plants.

It is because fire hazard is still the main safety hazard for chemical plants and becomes the ongoing challenge for the safe plant operation. So, we must improve our action plans for minimizing its impact from time to time.

I know it is not an easy task to uncover the root cause of a chemical plant fire.

In addition, getting the root cause analysis of a chemical plant on fire is also the same because not all reports cannot be published online.

But, I believe that reading such a story will at least maintain our spirit to improve the chemical plant operation as much as we can.

Note: the record is updated continuously. So, please check this post regularly.

Chemical Plant on Fire in 2020

Record in August 2020

17 August 2020, Nandolia Organic Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Tarapur, India: one died, four injured.

15 August 2020, A Chemical manufacturing plant – Beekay Foams – Fired, Kochi, India: caused by a short circuit, no casualties.

7 August 2020, Socar chemical plant in the city of Sumgayit near Azerbaijan’s capital Baku: fire occurred when the plant was suspended for maintenance, seven injured.

4 August 2020, Lanhua Silicone Company in the town of Xiliuhe in Xiantao, Wuhan, China: fire and explosion at butanone oxime workshop, 6 deaths.

Record in July 2020

29 July 2020, Large fire at a thermoplastic plant in Rockwood, Wayne County, Detroit, the US: five injured.

25 July 2020, Fire at a chemical plant at Garner, NC, the US: no injury.

20 July 2020, Fire at Alchemix Corporation’s warehouse, Atlanta, the US: no injury.

15 July 2020, Explosion and fire at Formosa Plastic, Yunlin, Taiwan: 3 injured.

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13 July 2020, Massive fire at Vizag chemical plant, Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India: a fire started from the reactor, several injured.

Record in June 2020

3 June 2020, Yashashvi Rasayan Private chemical plant in Dahej Industrial Estate, Gujarat, India: started from a tank explosion, 10 died, 77 injured.

Record in May 2020

22 May 2020, Major fire at a chemical plant in Pune, India: no causalities.

15 May 2020, A fire at solvent plant at Marghera, Venice, Italy: two injured.

9 May 2020, Fire at Borealis Plant at Stenungsund, Sweden: no injuries.

8 May 2020, Boiler explosion and fire at NLC Power Plant, India: 8 injured.

Record in April 2020

13 April 2020, A surfactant plant in Tarapur, India: the first accident after lockdown, two died, one injured.

3 April 2020, Fire at chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, the US: one died.

Record in March 2020

4 March 2020, Lotte Chemical at Naphtha Cracker, Seosan, South Korea: triggered by a fire at a compressor, 31 injured.

Record in February 2020

28 February 2020, Fire at Aceto Chemical Pvt. Ltd. at Pandesara, India: one died.

19 February 2020, Fire at Metropolitan Eximxchem private limited, Dombivli, India

18 February 2020, Fire at Atlas Minerals and Chemicals, Pennsylvania, the US: no injuries.

18 February 2020, Fire at Exxon Mobil refinery, US: no injuries.

13 February 2020, Fire at a chemical plant in Jurong Island, Singapore: when purging a hydrocarbon pipeline, 2 died.

9 February 2020, Flare-up at chemical plant in Baytown, the US.

Record in January 2020

15 January 2020, Fire and explosion at Ethylene Oxide Plant, Catalonia, Spain: 1 died, 7 injured.

14 January 2020, Explosion and fire at Sasol LDPE plant, Houston, the US: during commissioning test.

10 January 2020, Fire at Rathburn Chemicals, Scotland: two injured.