confined space entry equipment list

Working inside a confined space is completely different from working in a non-confined space.

The difference especially comes from its potential hazards.

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As you already knew that there are a lot of hazards associated with confined space work.

And most them are deadliest hazards.

Because of this reason, confined space work requires more complete set of safety equipment to ensure workers’ safety.

In this post, we will discuss in detail the confined space entry equipment list, one by one, to help you identify all of them.

The list is made based on OSHA confined space equipment requirement.

Confined Space Entry Equipment List

Here is the confined space entry equipment list that you can use as a guide.

Testing and monitoring equipment

Gas Detector
Gas measurement or testing inside a confined space is a must. Toxic gas such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon monoxide (CO) are the first gases that needs to be measured.

The second gas is explosive or flammable gas (LEL or lower explosion limit).

And the third is oxygen.

Using portable gas detector – like XLA Alert Portable Gas Detector – makes gas measurement task is easy to do.

The portable gas detector is a multi-functional detector, which can analyze all gases mentioned above in one time analysis.

Besides that, this portable gas detector is very useful in monitoring those gases during the confined space work in progress.

Communications equipment

Safety Sign
To notify other about a confined space, using safety sign is good choice. This safety sign is used to notify workers who will enter the confined space, about its hazards.

It is also to notify others that workers are doing jobs inside a confined space.

This is very important in order to avoid miss operation by unintended people who may operate valve of machine that will endanger workers inside it.

A clear communication between workers in confined space and workers at outside of it is very important.

Product like Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios is a good choice for this purpose. This product has earpiece for the ease of use.

Confined Space Trained Sticker
The use of this sticker is to notify others that worker who uses it on her or his safety helmet, is a qualified worker who is allowable to work inside a confined space.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Full Body Safety Harness
Falling from height is one of the confined space hazards. So, fall protection PPE – full body safety harness – is necessary.

It is not recommended to use safety belt for fall protection due to it contains a new potential hazard.

Safety Goggle
Chemical splash, small object and particle may injure worker’s eyes. Provide safety goggle with adequate specification for workers who work in a confined space.

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Safety Shoes
This is the mandatory PPE that workers must wear at almost workplace types including confined space.

Chemical Gloves
When clean up a chemical storage tank, this PPE must be available to protect workers from chemical exposure.

Other PPE
Besides the above PPE, other PPE that are necessary for confined space include ear plug, face shield, welding shield, safety helmet, etc. This will depend on nature of the confined space.

Lighting equipment approved for ignitable or combustible conditions

Generally, a confined space has a low light intensity. An additional lighting is necessary to provide enough light for safe working inside it.

However, general lighting equipment specification is not enough when the confined space contains combustible or flammable liquids or gases.

An explosion-proof lighting equipment must be provided.

A product like 16W LED CNC Machine Light Interner Lighting is suitable for ignitable or combustion conditions. It meets IP67 specification.

Beside lighting, explosion proof socket is also necessary.

Barriers and shields to protect the space

To prevent unintended entry, safety barriers and shields must be available surround the confined space.

It is also to notify others about confined space work is in progress.

Confined space barricade tape, mobile barricade fence system, retractable safety cone, and fixed wall mount retractable safety belt are some of barrier and shield examples that you can choose for this purpose.

Other equipment are plastic manhole shield,

Rescue and emergency equipment

Tripod is a portable three-legged frame, used for connecting a winch for supporting worker weight, supply working tools and attaching rescue equipment.

Safe-locking device for declining and rising workers, working tools and material. It must be safe and reliable.

Falling Protector
It is for connecting user’s safety harness with hook at the falling protector, fully ensure user’s safety and prevent falling during rescue and construction.

Retrieval Wristlets
In case of emergency, when there is no other way to get victim from a confined space, retrieval wristlets is good choice.

Any other equipment needed for safe entry, exit or rescue from permit spaces

Exhaust Blower
Removing remaining flammable, toxic and inert gases from a confined space shall be done completely before entry.

An exhaust blower can do such job quickly. Just make sure that you choose the right capacity before ordering.

An example of exhaust blower for confined space work is Allegro Industries 953325 Plastic Compaxial Blower AC with 25′ Ducting and Canister Assembly, 8″.

Other equipment necessary for safe entry are manhole ventilation pass-through and manhole lid lifter.