confined space examples

31 Confined Space Examples That You Have to Take Care

Since it is very critical for you to know a work is defined as confined space work or not, so I think it will be very valuable if I can show you as many confined space example as I can.

If you have already read my previous article titled Hazards in Confined Space, you will notice that confined space is defined as a work area that has limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not designed for continuous occupancy.

Other characteristics of a confined space are:

  • It contains harmful gases like H2S, carbon monoxide, etc.
  • Confined space oxygen level is low.
  • It contains material that may harm the person who enters it

The following are confined space examples that I collect from various resources. You can refer to that list to make your own confined space list.

Remember that confined space safety starts with correct work area classification. You wrong judgment will lead to improper safety precautions.

And this will cause an incident to occur.

confined space examples

Confined Space Examples

  1. Tank
  2. Manhole
  3. Well
  4. Cold storage
  5. Pipeline
  6. Silos
  7. Hopper
  8. Vessel
  9. Boiler
  10. Reactor
  11. Extraction tower
  12. Separator
  13. Sewer
  14. Tunnel
  15. Pits
  16. Turbines
  17. Ducts
  18. Water main
  19. Wastewater lines
  20. Waste pond
  21. Cooling tower basin
  22. Roof cavities
  23. Drains
  24. Cargo holds
  25. Shafts
  26. Gas holder
  27. Bulk container
  28. Filter housing
  29. Open ditch
  30. Vault
  31. Culvert
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