confined space safety slogan

A confined space safety slogan is another choice for you in communicating confined space safety. As you may already know that good communication is key to confined space work safety.

A combination of good communication, complete confined space entry equipment, perfect standard operating procedure, and supervision will ensure the safety of all personnel, who involve in confined space work.

In this post, we will focus on confined space safety slogans that you can pick up and use as a slogan whenever a confined space is done.

Confined Space Safety Slogans

Basically, you can use common industrial safety slogans or plant safety slogans for confined space works as long as they are still relevant and in context.

The important thing to remember is to check the theme of the safety slogan you choose prior to use it.

This is very important. Otherwise, employees will neglect them.

Okay, without further ado, here are some safety slogans for confined space you can use…

  1. There is no space for smoking in a confined space.
  2. Test the atmosphere with a gas detector, not your nose.
  3. Confined space entry is a two ways trip. Stick the rules to keep it two ways.
  4. Keep your safety by following confined space safety rules.
  5. Beware of confined spaces hazard. It can leave you breathless.
  6. A confined space can be a hole of death if no one cares about the rules.
  7. A storage tank is a confined space. Stick with the entry safety rules to stay safe.
  8. Use only approved flashlights for confined spaces.
  9. Your nose is not a confined space tool. Don’t use it to test the atmosphere.
  10. Smart workers will always comply with confined space entry rules.
  11. Prove the atmosphere first to stay last.
  12. Everyone must know all the confined space rules before entering.
  13. Do confined space safe entry first before entering and use approved lighting you can trust.
  14. Don’t use a match to enter a confined space. It can be your last match.
  15. Knowing safe procedures about confined space Is a must in the workplace.
  16. Unknown gases mean uncertainty for confined spaces.
  17. You can go to a confined space only with PPE on and someone by your side.
  18. Know everything before entering a confined space. It will always be a safe practice.
  19. Your bare face will never be your confined space inspection tool.
  20. Entering a confined space alone may leave you there alone forever.

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