safety hard hat stickers

Many workers put hard hat stickers that show off what they like such as their names, badge numbers, their favorite football player, or unique images. But, only a few of them apply safety hard hat stickers. Employers can instruct their workers to apply safety stickers in order to deliver safety messages.

There are many custom safety hard hat stickers that you can select to deliver a certain safety message. They are best to deliver safety messages or topics related to each worker’s workplace condition.

As an example, if workers work closely with flammable gas or liquid, you can warn them about fire hazards and what they have to avoid. Or you can simply use a flammable material hazard symbol.

However, it is not recommended to iterate safety messages too many times. Those safety stickers will not be effective and your goal is just a dream. To give you ideas, here are some examples:

Slippery Surface Hazard

You can put hard hat stickers about the slippery surface hazards that warn workers to work carefully and inform what safety equipment they should use.

Falling Object

During normal operation, working accidents due to falling objects may be infrequent. But, when there is construction work inside the plant site where many workers work on scaffolds, the possibility of scaffold accidents due to falling objects will be higher. The presence of safety stickers on workers’ helmets will remind workers about such hazards.

Heavy Equipment

You may frequently see heavy equipment like Galion, forklift, crane, or trailer in chemical plants. It is then very important to remind workers that heavy equipment can cause fatalities and deaths, through safety hard hat stickers.

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Oxygen Deficiency

Most workers do not realize this condition. In fact, oxygen deficiency kills workers only in seconds. And hard hat stickers have an important role to warn workers about such hazards.

By now you have one more choice for delivering safety messages to your employees or workers. Safety hard hat stickers could convey safety messages that may not be effective enough by using other media.