drum spill containment pallet

Drum Spill Containment Pallet – Things You Should Know

To meet spill containment regulation, you have to prevent hazardous liquid spill from drum from happening. One of the most common ways to do this is by using drum spill containment pallet, as a secondary spill containment.

This method is effective enough for preventing hazardous liquid spill into the soil and water as long as you select proper capacity and design.

So that is why in this post I write complete information regarding drum spill containment pallet to help you selecting the proper design.

I will begin this post with the applicable regulation on it. Let’s move on.

Drum Spill Containment Pallet Requirements

Secondary spill containment – in our case spill drum containment pallet – is regulated under EPA’s regulation title 40 CFR Part 264.175. This regulation covers portable storage containers such as 55 gallon drum.

The regulation states that a containment system has to have a minimum capacity of 10% from the containers volume or the largest container volume. Choose which is bigger.

Besides that, the regulation also requires the spill containment system free from crack or gaps, comes with easy liquid drainage design and to be able to prevent run-on.

Meanwhile, for the operation side, EPA requires a periodic drain out from the spill containment system in order to prevent overflow.

The Advantages

Drum spill containment pallet is made of the same material with conventional pallet. Both of them are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE).

HPDE can resist to various kinds of chemicals. This includes most acids and bases.

In the market, It is also available in other materials of construction such as steel.

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Besides that, drum spill containment pallet has other advantages:

  • Easy to transport. You can use forklift or hand lift to move it from all sides.
  • Available in several spill containment capacity
  • Available in several load capacity (number of drums)
  • Has flat top grating for ease loading and unloading
  • Removable top grating for ease cleaning,
drum spill containment basin
Wooden pallet is not recommended for hazardous chemicals. Spill cannot be prevented.

Part Name of A Drum Spill Containment Pallet

A drum spill containment pallet consists of several parts. These parts include top grating, drum spill containment basin, drain plug and forklift access at the base.

In addition, a drum spill containment pallet has also a cover to prevent rain water enters the basin, protect drum and pallet from direct sun light.

Available Capacity

When you need drum spill containment pallet, you have to determine number of drums that you need to put on it.

If you want to put 1 drum, you can choose 1 drum spill containment pallet.

If there are 4 drums that you need put on it, then you can use 4 drums spill containment pallet like Eagle 4 drum spill containment pallet.

You can find in the market 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 drums capacity containment pallets.

But, never load the pallet more that its maximum allowable load.


You have to consider several things before you buy a drum spill containment pallet; material, drum handling capacity and features (suppose with drain).