The fire extinguisher has an expiry date like the safety helmet. If the expiry date comes, then you must think about the fire extinguisher disposal.

Besides that, you will need to dispose of the extinguisher if it is already damaged due to any reason. Suppose it has been heavily corroded.

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You must follow the applicable regulation in your area when dealing with fire extinguisher disposal.

Otherwise, you will get a penalty from the local authority and you may put your safety in danger if not follow the correct procedure.

In this post, I will let you know about the quick guide on how to dispose of fire extinguisher powder as well as the cylinder and its accesories.

But, please remember those old fire extinguishers are classified as hazardous wastes.

This means that you cannot dispose it along with non-hazardous waste.

Old Fire Extinguisher Disposal Options

You have three optional solutions to dispose the extinguishers. The choise will depend on the condition of extinguishers that will be disposed.

For partially or fully charged fire extinguishers, you can contact the local fire department to get help.

If the fire department cannot accept old fire extinguishers, you can contact a hazardous waste disposal company. You may need to spend some cost of money.

For empty fire extinguishers, you can dispose of the cylinder and its accessories at the local recycling company in your area.

But, before sending the fire extinguisher, make sure that you have released the remaining pressure if any. It had better sit the canister for a few days to completely remove the remaining pressure.

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For option-3, you may reconsider not need to dispose of the empty fire extinguisher.

In fact, you may refill the empty fire extinguisher if the condition is still good. So, you do not need to procure a new fire extinguisher.