fire extinguisher expiration

Fire extinguisher expiration is an important aspect associated with fire extinguisher operation.

Sometimes, I still heard people asking this question, “How many years is a fire extinguisher good for? Does it have an expiry date?”

I know that this information will determine how long you will need to keep the existing fire extinguishers and how much budget you need to prepare when they get expired.

In this post, you will find the answer on how to determine the fire extinguisher expiry date and how to know this information.

Let’s dive into this important topic.

Fire Extinguisher Expiration Date

No matter what fire extinguisher brand you are using – Kidde, First Alert, etc – you need to know the manufacturing date in order to determine its expiry date if any.

When you purchase it, make sure that you get one with the latest production date.

Don’t ignore this important information.

It is because its maintenance and inspection plan will need it too.

Now, we will check whether there is an expiry date or not associated with the usage of extinguishers. As you might already know PPE like the safety helmet has an expiry date.

Does extinguisher have it too?

Let’s find the answer.


NPFA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers – does not require an expiration for the fire extinguisher.

You can use the extinguishers for many years even decades as long as you comply with the NPFA maintenance and hydro-static test requirements.

The exception is only for a non-rechargeable fire extinguisher. It should be disposed of 12 years after the manufacturing date.


The expiration date is also not determined by OSHA. There is no special part of OSHA 1910.157 – Portable fire extinguishers – that mention about this topic.

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Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety

The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety ( does not regulate how long a fire extinguisher will expire.

Manufacturer Mentions Expiry Date

Recently, I found a fact that a manufacturer of portable fire extinguisher mentions the expiration date on the tube.

The expiration date is 10 years after the manufacturing date.

I am not sure why the manufacturer mentions the expiration date because both NFPA and OSHA do not regulate it.

May be it is only for business purpose.

Who knows…

When to Replace If There is No Fire Extinguisher Expiration?

Even though there is no expiry date, but you must replace the extinguishers if you find the following conditions:

  1. cracked, ripped, or blocked with debris nozzle or hose is found
  2. you lose the locking pin on the handle or it is unsealed
  3. a broken or leaky seal
  4. the inspection sticker (tag) is missing
  5. broken handle
  6. rusted tube
  7. dented canister
  8. the tube failed the hydrostatic test
  9. the fire extinguisher you are using is out of date both its model and technology
  10. the extinguisher has been repaired for several times
  11. the extinguisher service agent says that it is impossible to repair it
  12. the manufacturer is no longer in the business


There is no standard for the fire extinguisher expiration. NFPA and OSHA do not regulate it. The extinguisher can be used for decades as long as you follow the maintenance guidelines.

How do you determine the expiration date of the extinguisher? Please share with us what you are doing.