May 7, 2021
fun ways to promote safety

Fun Ways to Promote Safety at Work

Building a mature culture at work needs serious effort from all members in the company. This is a long journey and needs patience. This big move starts from promoting safety at work.

Promoting safety is a serious effort. But, you can do it in various fun ways.

Choosing the right fun ways to promote safety at work will also take time. It is because you need to test and evaluate it until you reach a final conclusion about its effectiveness.

Surely, using the fun ways to promote safety at work will make everybody happy, interested and engaged. And it will make your effort a lot of easier.

But, how to promote safety in fun ways that everybody will love them?

Find the ideas below here.

Fun Ways to Promote Safety at Work

  1. Use fun safety slogans with images.
  2. Funny safety poster for a specific work. This poster will give you a good example.
  3. Animated-safety video, like this one.
  4. Funny photos of safety errors. See what this welder did.
  5. Group discussion at out side of classroom
  6. Safety funny games at outside
  7. Rewards for safety achievement
  8. Safety training word games
  9. Safety competition with memorable rewards
  10. Wear safety promotion t-shirt
  11. Safety puzzles
  12. Write a short story about safety
  13. Safety drill contest
  14. Safety quiz
  15. Visit other companies for bench marking
  16. Watch work accident-investigation video for safety learning.
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