safety motto start i will

Are you familiar with this famous safety motto, “Safety starts with me”? This motto brings an important safety message. This means that safety should start from a “will” or from your own motivation.

It also means that someone who writes or reads this sentence shows a determination to do something, strong motivation, and courage as well as a probability of success.

Regardless of any safety motto or safety slogan topic you choose (lab safety slogans, industrial safety slogans, construction safety slogans, etc), try to use the safety motto start “I will” to grow internal motivation.

With strong internal motivation, you will have a better chance to develop a strong safety culture.

So, through this post I will share with you the safety motto start “I will”.

Here they are.

Safety Motto Start “I will”

  1. I will keep safety as the first priority
  2. I will always follow safety rules
  3. I will keep zero accident record “zero”
  4. I will choose safety as the first choice
  5. I will never ignore safety in everything I do
  6. I will say no to carelessness
  7. I will always be a safe worker
  8. I will start this day with safety in mind
  9. I will always think safety in everything I do
  10. I will encourage others to think about safety
  11. I will use safety as my best work tool
  12. I will always keep safety in mind
  13. I will never ignore any unsafe condition
  14. I will report any unsafe action to avoid work accident
  15. I will only do safe actions
  16. I will become a pioneer of safe worker
  17. I will only follow the safe procedure
  18. I will never do unsafe action
  19. I will remind others about safety
  20. I will start my job after getting a safety work permit
  21. I will promise to my family to back home safely
  22. I will promise to myself to work safely
  23. I will keep my promise to act safely
  24. I will report any near-miss I find
  25. I will always work with safety in mind
  26. I will always wear safety gear correctly
  27. I will keep my safety and others as my top priority
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