We can learn safety not only from face-to-face training or seminar. There are many other ways that we can learn about safety; accident reports, safety audit results, group discussions, interviews with safety experts, and social media like Instagram.

Instagram is one of the famous social media platforms from where we can get safety lessons. It provides interesting media like pictures, photos, and videos.

Many workplace safety experts, practitioners, and companies share their safety lessons on Instagram. And we can use them to improve our knowledge and skills on occupational health and safety for free.

Instagram Accounts to Follow

I have carried out a small research on several Instagram accounts from where we can get safety lessons. Here are the Instagram accounts that I recommend you to follow:

Hazwoper OSHA Training LLC

IWR Academy

Canadian Safety Institute

To find out other accounts, you can use the search function on Instagram by writing relevant tags such as workplace safety tips, safety slogans, safety audit, or any topics that you want to learn more about.

How to Download Video and Photo from Instagram Quickly

After you follow the above Instagram accounts, the next step you should do is to download safety videos and photos from Instagram.

I recommend you use IGram, which is an online web tool to help you with downloading Instagram Photos, Videos, and IGTV videos.

As an Instagram reels video download, IGram is easy to use on any device.

You just need to follow the three easy steps below to use IGram:

Step-1: Copy the URL of the photo, video, carousel or IGTV from Instagram

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Step-2: Go to IGram.io and paste the link into the download field and click the download button

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Step-3: You will get the results with several quality options. Choose what suits with your need.