hydrogen peroxide ibc

In this post we will learn how to select the right IBC for hydrogen peroxide. This post is devoted for you as the end user of hydrogen peroxide since you may have limited information on how to select the right one.

IBC tote or Intermediate Bulk Container tote is one of the most common packaging type used for hydrogen peroxide.

It is because IBC tote offers many advantages, from cost to safety.

Regardless its advantages, we still need to take care when selecting appropriate IBC specification for hydrogen peroxide packaging, technical grade hydrogen peroxide or low residue hydrogen peroxide product (food grade and electronic grade).

Improper selection of IBC specification will cause hydrogen peroxide decomposition faster than expected. In the worst case, IBC will bloat and explode since it cannot release oxygen gas that is resulted from decomposition reaction.

So that’s why it is very important to know well about selecting the right IBC tote for hydrogen peroxide.

Here is how to select the best IBC for hydrogen peroxide.

Step-1 Select the right bottle or drum material

IBC bottle or drum is the part of IBC tote that directly contact with hydrogen peroxide. Select only HDPE or High Density Polyethylene as the bottle material.

It is compatible with hydrogen peroxide and already widely used by many manufacturers, including for export market.

Step-2 Select the right IBC tote capacity

Over filling will load the IBC over its ability. UN regulates maximum filling percentage of 93%. Never pass that limit only for reducing packaging cost. It is very dangerous.

Step-3 Select the right IBC bottle thickness

35% hydrogen peroxide and 60% hydrogen peroxide have different density. So, they require different IBC bottle thickness.

Make sure that you select the right IBC by looking at maximum liquid density than can be filled into the IBC. It is mentioned on its UN code and UN certificate.

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Step-4 Select the right valve types

IBC tote manufacturer will recommend ball valve as the first choice than other valve types. Ball valve is the most suitable valve type for hydrogen peroxide. But, you must ensure that the ball has a hole at its suction or upstream side for gas release.

However, it had better to select IBC tote that does not have discharge valve at IBC bottom side. It is much safer than IBC tote with discharging valve.

Usually, it is selected to avoid hydrogen peroxide leakage from the valve, mostly for reusable IBC or returnable IBC tote. By using this type of IBC, the end user will discharge hydrogen peroxide from top side.

Step-5 Select IBC type with venting cap

Naturally, hydrogen peroxide will release oxygen gas from the decomposition reaction. It must be released continuously. Otherwise, the IBC will bloat and then explode if the inside pressure is over its maximum pressure rating.

To avoid this, you must select IBC that is equipped with venting cap. The cap has a membrane that will release oxygen from inside the bottle to outside.

Select the right membrane cap that has enough gas releasing capacity (liter per minutes) to avoid over pressure.


Selecting the right IBC for hydrogen peroxide is very important in order to avoid accident when dealing with hydrogen peroxide preservation, transportation, and handling. It is a part hydrogen peroxide safe handling practices.