lab safety rules

Following lab safety rules is the key to laboratory safety. On the contrary, ignoring these rules will lead to workplace incidents.

The ability to follow these rules starts with knowing and understanding them well.

So, in this post, I am going to show you basic lab safety rules that every laboratory analyst must know and understand to stay safe.

Lab Safety Rules

Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment

  1. Wear suitable laboratory clothing
  2. Wear proper personal protective equipment: safety shoes, safety goggles, vinyl gloves, and face shield when working with lab equipment, chemicals, heat, glassware
  3. Never use sandals to work in the laboratory
  4. Never wear skirts or shorts in the laboratory
  5. Tie back long hair


  1. Handle chemicals carefully
  2. Keep all chemical symbols to avoid misuse
  3. Replace unclear label with a clear label
  4. Read the label twice before opening chemical bottles
  5. Understand the Safety Data Sheet of chemicals you will use
  6. Never mix unknown chemical since it may create a chain reaction
  7. Separate waste chemical container based on their chemical properties or compatibilities
  8. Never taste or smell chemicals
  9. Never lift up chemicals above the eyes
  10. Never pipette chemicals by mouth
  11. Always follow the procedure in disposing of waste chemicals
  12. Only store chemicals that are used in the laboratory
  13. Clean up immediately when chemical spills occur
  14. Never take chemicals from their bottles more than what you need
  15. Do not put back remaining chemical into its original packaging

Lab Equipment

  1. Maintain equipment properly and regularly
  2. Do not use lab equipment over its capability and capacity
  3. Never use crack or broken glassware
  4. Never try to operate lab equipment that you do not know about or never getting adequate training
  5. Stop working with trouble equipment. Ask the technician to repair it once you find it.
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Fire and Emergency

  1. Make sure emergency equipment available and works well
  2. Know the location of every lab safety equipment
  3. Know well the emergency exits and make sure there are no obstacles
  4. Understand the laboratory and building evacuation routes and emergency procedures
  5. Memorize the emergency phone number or at least make it visible to everyone
  6. Never use open flame unless it is approved by your lab supervisor
  7. Make sure you know the fire alarms located
  8. Make sure to turn off all ignition sources when you leave the laboratory
  9. Work alone in the laboratory is dangerous. At least you work with a friend
  10. Flush quickly with plenty of water when the chemical splash into the eyes or skin
  11. Report immediately any unsafe condition you find to your supervisor

Eat and Drink

  1. Never eat or drink in the laboratory
  2. Do not put your meal or drink in the laboratory
  3. Never use laboratory glassware as food containers
  4. Always your hand when leaving the laboratory for eating


  1. Always watch the ongoing experiment. Never leave it unintended
  2. Always follow the experiment procedures


  1. Do not over load any electrical outlets
  2. Avoid using extension cord
  3. Keep away electrical outlet from flammable liquid
  4. Keep away electric equipment from water
  5. Always turn off the power supply of lab equipment when you need tp repair it