laboratory slogan ideas

How do you communicate safety in the laboratory? Do you use lab safety slogans for communicating safety in the laboratory?

Nice face shield. Wants it?

As you already knew the laboratory contains many types of potential hazards; chemical reagents, gas cylinders, electric shock, fire, etc. If all those potential hazards are not managed properly, probably they may harm you and people inside the laboratory.

Successful management of potential hazards inside the laboratory started with good safety communication. This can be done by using lab safety slogans.

Lab safety slogans are simple and effective like other safety slogans in general.

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Want to get laboratory slogan ideas? You can find the ones below. I already created 26 lab safety slogans for you. But, most of them have a general theme.

lab safety slogans
This is an example of lab safety slogans.

Lab Safety Slogans Ideas

  1. Think safety first before starting any laboratory jobs
  2. Lab safety starts with me
  3. Handle all chemical reagents safely
  4. Safe lab analyst is the best analyst
  5. Lab safety is everyone’s responsibility
  6. Be aware of glassware. Don’t make them broken. It will hurt you.
  7. Lab safety is our first priority.
  8. Successful lab analysts will put safety at the first priority.
  9. Never forget about lab safety
  10. Zero error analysis can be obtained only by zero accident
  11. You are the key to laboratory safety
  12. Safety is the best analysis tool.
  13. The best safety tool is a careful lab analyst.
  14. You are cool with a lab safety tool
  15. Work carefully is the no 1 lab safety rule.
  16. Safety is the key to accident-free laboratory
  17. Safety is not an experiment. It is a commitment.
  18. Lab safety brings cheers. Lab accident brings tears.
  19. Know lab safety, no pain.
  20. Lab safety by choice, not by chance
  21. Work safely in Lab is the best gift for your family
  22. The lab safety goal must be zero accident.
  23. Lab safety works when you work together.
  24. Do laboratory jobs safely even when no one is watching.
  25. Careless leads to analysis error and safety error. Always be careful.
  26. Laboratory zero accident requires one hundred percent committment to safety.

laboratory slogan ideas


Like short safety slogans, shorter lab safety slogans, or laboratory sayings may be better than longer ones. But, it will depend on your workplace situation and people inside the laboratory. If you have your own laboratory slogan ideas, you can go ahead with yours.