lab safety supplies

Success in managing laboratory safety supplies will directly affect the performance of safety in laboratory operation as a whole. Laboratory, which contains various hazardous chemicals, pressurized gases, flammable gases, and electrical energy, if not properly managed, could present harmful working conditions to workers.

Better lab safety supplies management will not only ensure the availability of safety equipment supplies but also could ensure all workers who work inside the laboratory are protected from potential hazards.

Read the simple tips below for having better lab safety supplies management within your chemical plant.

Lab Safety Supplies Management Tips

1. Identify all your required lab safety equipment supplies. List them up in a clear table with each standard specification.

2. Calculate your monthly consumption and set up a minimum stock. Use your consumption history to calculate average monthly consumption. Please consider the delivery time of each laboratory safety equipment when setting up the minimum stock quantity.

3. Prioritize to get a local supplier. Purchase from a local supplier will require a shorter delivery time than import. It can help you to have lower minimum stock. Import can be a second choice if there is a limited local supplier available.

4. Do not rely on single supplier. If it is the case, then you are making yourself in problem.

5. Design appropriate warehouse conditions. It is to ensure that your lab safety supplies are in good condition whenever you need to use them.

6. Update the lab safety equipment stock regularly. Make every related workers know the updated data.

7. Evaluate your suppliers on a regular basis.

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If you implement the tips above, you will not only be able to have better laboratory safety supply management but at the same time, you will get more competitive prices that potentially reduce your overall lab expenditures.