loss control inspection checklists

Loss control inspection checklists are an important guideline for preparing a successful loss control survey. Make sure you have it before facing the loss control inspection.

A loss control inspection or loss control survey is performed in a timely manner. Based on my experiences, the schedule is between 2-3 years. But, it will also depend on the insurance company policy.

Because the schedule is not so frequent, this causes most of you to forget to make enough preparation. As a result, you will not get the maximum benefits from the loss control survey.

That’s a problem. Avoid this from happening.

Why is the loss control survey beneficial?

It is because a loss control survey is a very good chance for you to get advice from professional safety experts about the safety conditions in your company. They will probably find out potential safety problems that you may not uncover.

So that’s why you should use loss control inspection checklists to help you get the most out of the lost control survey.

Below here are the loss control inspection checklists that I composed from my own experiences in facing fire insurance safety audits.

Let’s get started.

Loss Control Inspection Checklists

  1. Make sure that you have received a loss control survey plan from the insurance company. Prepare everything that is mentioned in the plan.
  2. Prepare associated documents and data that are requested by the auditor. Make sure all those documents are at their latest revisions.
  3. Make sure that you have prepared safety procedure, safety training record, safety equipment inspection results, accident investigation report (if any), and other safety documents prior to the audit.
  4. Review again the last lost control report. Check whether you have taken countermeasures for their recommendations from the previous visit or not. If possible, prepare a set of pictures as additional evidence.
  5. If there are some recommendations that are pending, prepare appropriate answers for them. The auditor will ask your explanation about the reasons why their recommendations have not been followed up. Follow up the recommendations based on its priority levels.
  6. The safety auditor will also ask you about any change in the plant facilities, processes, products, and or raw materials after the previous survey.
  7. Besides the desk interview, the loss control auditor will also visit the plant site. So, make sure you have inspected all the plant site area before their arrival. Correct any deficiencies immediately.
  8. If an infrared thermographic survey (IR survey) will also be conducted at the same time, you can recommend which electromechanical equipment that will be surveyed.
  9. Invite related managers in your company to join the loss control inspection. This is very important to give detailed information to the auditor.
  10. Provide enough time for the loss control auditors to finish their audit plan.
  11. A loss control survey is not a one direction audit. But, you can ask something that is beneficial for your company. Prepare your questions in advance for maximum results.
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Like any other safety audits, a loss-control survey or loss-control inspection requires perfect preparation in advance to succeed. So, make sure you have prepared everything mentioned in the above loss control inspection checklist prior to the survey.