gas detectors for confined space

Working inside a confined space requires special equipment and tools. And ones of the most important tools are gas detectors.

We use gas detectors for confined spaced to detect the existence of toxic gases and measure oxygen level inside it.

Confined space gas monitoring can only be done by using gas detectors.

If you detect a toxic gas inside it such as carbon monoxide, then you have to decrease the concentration to a safe level.

Or if you detect insufficient oxygen level in the atmosphere, them you have to increase it to a safe level to avoid oxygen deficiency.

The next question is what kind of gas detectors for confined spaces we should prepare?

Find the list below.

Must-have Gas Detectors for Confined Spaces List

The following confined space air monitoring tools are mandatory. You cannot start working inside a confined space with them.

Here is the list:

  1. Oxygen Detector
  2. H2S Detector
  3. CO Detector
  4. Combustible Gas Detector
  5. Natural Gas Detector
  6. Toxic Gas Detector

Gas detectors that you will use -at least- have the following features:

  • lightweight
  • handheld
  • alarm sound
  • battery operated
  • explosion proof is preferred
  • easy to operate

You can see on the table below gas detector products available in the market:

Gas DetectorDetected GasesCustomer RatingMore Info
Combustible gas
4.4 of 5.0
from 88 reviews
Click here
Oxygen4.3 of 5.0
from 53 reviews
Click here
CO4.6 of 5.0
from 722 reviews
Click here
H2S4.5 of 5.0
from 108 reviews
Click here
Sewer Gas
4.5 of 5.0
from 4,469 reviews
Click here
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