The Importance of Lab Safety

lab safety

Lab safety is a critical concern across every industry that deals with hazardous substances, lab tests, R&D, and other core components of the product development and manufacturing process. In fields such as manufacturing, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals — where chemicals, lab equipment, and testing machinery are an integral part of day-to-day work — a steady focus on safety is critical for numerous reasons:

  • The health and well-being of lab personnel and facility employees, including yourself
  • Protection and integrity for tests, procedures and equipment
  • The reputation and credibility of the facility

In the next sections, we will explore the importance of lab safety in each of these areas in further detail.

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What are the Benefits of Using Protective Clothing at Work?

protective clothing

There are so many people who are working in hazardous environments with chemicals and other heavy stuff. All that they have to do is follow some protocols that help them in being safe. One such important protocol is wearing the perfect dress that can protect you from harmful hazards at work. Your dress might also include the PPE kits that are necessary. Each department’s functioning will have dresses that are based on the department’s work nature. This is because you cannot ask a chemical engineer and construction engineer to swap their dress which will lead to tragedy. So, please continue scrolling to know more benefits of protective clothing at work.

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13 Quick Safety Tips for Warehouse Employees to Stay Safe

safety tips for warehouse employees

Working in a warehouse is not as safe as you may think. It is also not the safest workplace.

Here is the proof:

5% of all warehouse employee will experience in an injury on the job each year.


It means that as a warehouse employee you must always take care of your safety while working in the warehouse.

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How to Improve Safety by Implementing Traffic Management

traffic management in the workplace

Organizing an outdoor event or work site needs more safety attention than an indoor event or work site.

It is because more factors will be involved in outdoor events or work sites that will not be found in an indoor event.

Let’s say one of those factors, i.e. traffic.

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15 ISO Tank Container Operation Safety Tips for Hazardous Chemical Delivery

iso tank container safety

ISO tank container is preferred for carrying liquid chemical products because of its low cost, safety, reliability, operability, stacking capability,  environmental friendly and simplicity.

Non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals can be delivered from production site to customer site by ISO tank container. [Continue reading…]

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22 Quick Tips for Intermediate Bulk Container Safety

intermediate bulk container safety

The usage of intermediate bulk container or IBC tank in chemical industry is getting popular. From flammable liquid to oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide is delivered to their end user by using intermediate bulk container.

There are three UN certified intermediate bulk container type available; all metal, all plastic and composite (usually plastic and tubular frame).

At least there are five reasons why intermediate bulk container is preferred than other type of packaging such as PE can (polyethylene can) or PE drum (polyethylene drum):

  • maintenance free
  • reusable
  • high usability
  • higher carrying capacity
  • better safety

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An Easy to Follow Checklist for Safety Audit

checklist for safety audit

Honestly, facing a safety audit can be a hard work for most of us. There is a feel of fear that appears every time a safety audit will be conducted.

Perhaps, most of us think that nonconformity found during the safety audit will create a new job load.

Truly, it is not.

The truth is that safety audit helps you improving safety in the workplace by revealing safety problems that you have not been found yet (read also our best safety tips for the workplace to improve safety of your workplace). [Continue reading…]

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Heat Exchanger Safety Precautions You Should Know

heat exchanger safety precautions

Heat exchanger is one of the most important equipment for a manufacturing plant. With this equipment, energy transfer can be done and production process runs smoothly.

However, beside its important role, heat exchanger operation and maintenance contain potential safety hazards.

If such safety hazards are not treated properly, unexpected events may happen.

So, it is very important to know heat exchanger safety precautions in order to be safe during operation and maintenance. [Continue reading…]

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