Where Does Carbon Monoxide Come From? Know The Common Sources

where does carbon monoxide come from

Knowing the sources where carbon monoxide comes from is very vital.

When you know this information for sure, then you will be able to decide where to place a carbon monoxide detector to alarm you as soon as possible.

Principally, carbon monoxide is obtained from an incomplete combustion process of organic materials, including fuels.

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Safety Slogans for Business Cards – Here are the Idea

safety slogans for business cards

Safety slogans are multi-function safety communication tools that can be used for any kind of purposes, on various media.

Besides to keep employee’s awareness against safety, you can also use it on company business cards to show company’s concern on safety.

This is a great idea to use safety slogans for business cards. You can use funny, motivational, or industrial safety slogans for it.

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Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning You Might Not Know

symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

Not knowing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous since it will cause severe effect, i.e. death.

Remember that carbon monoxide or CO gas is the silent killer. It is because CO gas is a highly toxic gas but colorless, tasteless, and odorless.

You will not be able to recognize its existence without a carbon monoxide detector.

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Fire Extinguisher Expiration – The Complete Guides

fire extinguisher expiration

Fire extinguisher expiration is an important aspect associated with fire extinguisher operation.

Sometimes, I still heard people asking this question, “How many years is a fire extinguisher good for? Does it have an expiry date?”

I know that this information will determine how long you will need to keep the existing fire extinguishers and how much budget you need to prepare when they get expired.

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Here Are the 3 Popular Removable Side Shields for Glasses

removable side shields for glasses

Wearing safety glass is a must to protect your eyes from chemical splash or flying particles that may attack your eyes from the side.

However, your safety glass can only protect you completely if it has a side shield. If not, you have to provide removable side shields for glasses as your quick solution.

Don’t replace your safety glass even it has no side shield. You can use removable side shields to make it as perfect eye protection.

Using removable side shields for safety glass also gives flexibility since you can easily detach it when you don’t need to use it. [Continue reading…]

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Best Tips for Hydrostatic Pressure Test Safety

hydrostatic pressure test safety

In this post, I would like to bring you important safety tips. Hydrostatic pressure test safety. This topic is very important because you -as an owner of a project- might not be focused on it. Your contractor will handle it for you.

The hydrostatic pressure test is a common non-destructive test method used for testing piping and pressure vessel after its construction. This method is often preferable by the owner because of product consideration. [Continue reading…]

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What is Rupture Disc? 12 Facts You Should Know About

what is rupture disc

Rupture disc, safety valve, and relief valve have the same functions. They protect process equipment, ISO tank containers, and machines from overpressure.

They act as protection devices – safety devices.

However, there is one significant difference between the rupture disc and the safety valve and relief valve.

What is the difference?

Rupture disc can be used only for one-time use. Once a pressure build-up is created in a piece of equipment or machine higher than its design pressure, it will burst.

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Grab These Inspiring Safety Motto Start “I Will” To Motivate People

safety motto start i will

Are you familiar with this famous safety motto, “Safety starts with me”? This motto brings an important safety message. This means that safety should start from a “will” or from your own motivation.

It also means that someone who writes or reads this sentence shows a determination to do something, strong motivation, and courage as well as a probability of success.

Regardless of any safety motto or safety slogan topic you choose (lab safety slogans, industrial safety slogans, construction safety slogans, etc), try to use the safety motto start “I will” to grow internal motivation. [Continue reading…]

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