The Record of Chemical Plant on Fire in 2020

chemical plant on fire 2020

This is a new post series about the chemical plant on fire that I will publish in the form of a yearly story.

The main purpose of publishing this post series is to improve our awareness against fire hazards, especially for chemical plants.

It is because fire hazard is still the main safety hazard for chemical plants and becomes the ongoing challenge for the safe plant operation. So, we must improve our action plans for minimizing its impact from time to time.

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3 Best Electrical Safety Gloves 1000V

best electrical safety gloves

Wearing electrical safety gloves while working at a high voltage electrical facility – suppose 1000V – is a must for technicians to prevent shock, injury, and even death.

Common works like repair, cable check, connection clean up and testing new a high voltage electrical facility are some examples that require electrical safety gloves.

Don’t forget to inspect your existing electrical safety gloves. If they are already damaged, replace them immediately. Don’t compromise with your safety.

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The Practical Safety Helmet Inspection Checklist That Works

safety helmet colour codes

Ensuring ready to use and good condition of safety apparatus, including safety helmet, is key to personal safety. The best way to do this is through effective inspection. Effective inspection can be done by the use of a consistent inspection checklist.

In this post, I will focus on safety helmet inspection checklist. This checklist is a guide for you when you do a regular inspection.

Successful safety helmet inspection starts from using only effective and consistent safety helmet inspection checklist. Because it is very important, please read this post thoroughly. [Continue reading…]

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Safety Helmet Color Code, The Truth You Should Know

safety helmet color code

The safety helmet color code indicates clearly different job functions and responsibilities in an organization including yours. Really, it provides easy recognition.

Please read the following simple illustration.

A forklift driver wears a safety helmet while he is driving. A chemical plant operator also wears a safety helmet but in a different color. And a mechanical technician wears another different color safety helmet from the forklift driver and plant operator.

Easy to recognize them, huh? [Continue reading…]

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3 Recommended Lightweight Safety Shoes for Ladies

lightweight safety shoes for ladies

Fashionable, comfortable and lightweight safety shoes for ladies are the best choice for ladies who work in the industrial fields, construction sites, or manufacturing industry.

Those safety shoes do not only protect them from safety hazards but also keep them stylish.

Besides that, lightweight safety shoes for ladies also make them easier to move and keep them more productive.

The problem is sometimes it will take time to find out such great safety shoes for ladies.

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42 Easy To Remember Short Safety Slogans For The Workplace

short safety slogans

Short safety slogans are preferred by most of us. It is because they are easy to remember as well as simple to apply to many kinds of media. As the result, such slogans are frequently used in the workplace.

In this post, I will show you 42 inspiring short safety slogans for the workplace. They cover several themes such as industrial, electrical, and construction.

Each slogan contains less than seven words. So, it is relatively short. [Continue reading…]

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How Often Do MSDS Sheets Need to be Updated?

How often do MSDS sheets need to be updated? Once in three months? In every six months? One time in a year? Or every time a change is made?

Do you review your MSDS periodically?

This question may come into your head as I had the same question in the past. But, the good news is that you will find the answer in this post.

As you might already know that MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is a basic reference for handling hazardous chemicals safely. All related SOP you make have to refer to MSDS too.

Whether you are a manufacturer of a chemical product, as a supplier, or as an end-user, you have to ensure keeping the latest version of the MSDS. [Continue reading…]

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How to Check Safety Helmet Expiry Date in Minutes

safety helmet expiry date

Like any other safety equipment, safety helmet also has an expiry date. The safety helmet expiry date instructs you to stop using it.

That is why you must to aware of this information. Never forget this important information. Otherwise, your safety will be in danger.

To avoid this, stick a label inside the safety helmet that shows its expiry date. So, you can check it readily at any time. [Continue reading…]

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10 Hazard Elimination Examples – How to Get Idea From

hazard elimination examples

Hazard control with the elimination method is the most effective method compared with other hazard control methods; substitution, engineering control, administrative control, or PPE.

With the elimination method, hazards are removed completely from their sources.

As the result, there will be no remaining hazard after implementing this method.

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Confined Space Air Quality Testing Equipment – The Best Choices

confined space air quality testing equipment

A confined space air quality testing equipment holds a very important role in ensuring a safe entry.

As you may already knew that oxygen deficiency, flammable gases, and vapors, and toxic gases are present in a confined space (You can read the previous article about hazards in confined space for more hazards information).

Besides that, such testing equipment is also used for air monitoring during confined space work in progress.

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