Trade Show Internet offers rental 4G internet kits and Wi-Fi hotspot for smaller events. For bigger events such as trade shows, sporting events or experiential marketing event, you may opt for event IT. This is a complete package that comprises of on-site time, Ethernet drops and may also include captive portal and splash page. You may request for custom internet solutions depending on your event. this ensures that your internet needs are fully catered for.

A temporary 4g wifi internet hotspot rental is appropriate for relatively smaller events. You can connect up to fifteen devices. The high density and right bandwidth ensure fast internet connectivity for attendees. Ensure you get the Trade Show Internet IT solutions because, with their experience, you are assured of fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity.

For the 4G internet kit, you will also get support in case need be. The portable 4G internet kit is convenient for all venues. You may also request a custom internet solution if you are hosting an event in a unique location. Trade Show Internet is committed to ensuring all clients’ needs are met.  Some of their clients include Comcast, Google, and Uber among others. When you hire Trade Show Internet for internet solutions, you are assured of the best service.

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