safety helmet expiry date

Like any other safety equipment, safety helmet also has an expiry date. The safety helmet expiry date instructs you to stop using it.

That is why you must to aware of this information. Never forget this important information. Otherwise, your safety will be in danger.

To avoid this, stick a label inside the safety helmet that shows its expiry date. So, you can check it readily at any time.

In addition, you can make a list of the safety helmet expiry date, which covers all safety helmet worn by workers in your organization.

Then, the question is how to check the safety helmet expiry date quickly?

Please keep reading to find the answer.

Standard Safety Helmet Expiry Date

If you have not decided your own standard safety helmet expiry date, then you can follow Standard AS/NZ 1800:1998 Section 3.4 that details about Care and Maintenance of Occupational Protective Helmets.

It instructs a 3-year safety helmet expiry date.

This means that you have to replace your safety helmet every 3 years period.

This standard is also adopted by the Australian Government to be the standard expiry date.

But, you will never get expiry date information from the safety helmet manufacturer, even MSA or 3M cannot.

To know this information, first, you will need to know the manufacturing date, which is stamped onto the inside of a safety helmet.

The safety helmet expiry date can be counted from the manufacturing date plus expiry date that you have set up in your own SOP.

So, it is very important to check the manufacturing date of the safety helmet before you make any purchase.

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Replace Your Safety Helmet Even Before It Reaches Its Expiry Date

Safety helmet or hard hat replacement is not only based on its expiry date. There are other reasons that require you to replace them immediately.

What are they?

Here are the other reasons why you have to replace your safety helmet even before it gets expired:

  • You find a visible crack, dents, cuts or any physical damage
  • It has been impacted or struck by an object, even you do not find any visible damage or crack
  • The shell becomes chalky or dull, or have a crazing pattern
  • It has been exposed to chemical splashes. This may weaken its strength.

Are Looking for Good Safety Helmets?

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