safety helmet colour codes

Ensuring ready to use and good condition of safety apparatus, including safety helmet, is key to personal safety. The best way to do this is through effective inspection. Effective inspection can be done by the use of a consistent inspection checklist.

In this post, I will focus on safety helmet inspection checklist. This checklist is a guide for you when you do a regular inspection.

Successful safety helmet inspection starts from using only effective and consistent safety helmet inspection checklist. Because it is very important, please read this post thoroughly.

Using a checklist for carrying out safety helmet inspection is better because of it:

  • Provides consistent inspection items
  • Is simple and easy to do
  • Gives quick judgment on safety helmet condition
  • Is easy to follow worksheet even for a newcomer

safety helmet colour codes

Okay, you now can take a look at the checklist below.

Ensure the Following Things Before Making Safety Helmet Inspection Checklist

The following are things that you need to ensure before making your own safety helmet inspection checklist. Finish these things first before going to the next step. Hence the process will be faster.

Safety Helmet Parts Name

The first thing you should know in order to make a safety helmet inspection checklist is to understand the part of the safety helmet.

Pick up all the parts name’s and make a question regarding the condition of each part. Two main part of a safety helmet is shell and harness. The harness can be broken down into smaller parts like brim, peak, cradle, headband, sweatband and protective padding.

Probably, there are other parts that I have not mentioned yet, so please take it into account.

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Safety Helmet Color Codes

Another thing that you need to determine is color code definition. Therefore, it will be easy to judge the correct color code for each designation.

Safety Helmet Lifetime

In addition, a safety helmet lifetime or safety helmet expiry date is another important thing you need to set up. You can determine the lifetime internally, suppose 5 years, based on your own experiences. Alternatively, you can also refer to a certain standard for determining the lifetime.

Safety Helmet Inspection Checklist

safety helmet inspection checklistOnce you finish the above two items, you can start constructing the checklist. If it is acceptable, you can use the following questions in your safety helmet inspection checklist. If it is possible, make it as a one-page checklist with carbon copy.

You can make these questions shorter to make them simpler. That’s up to you.

  1. Is the safety helmet expiry date already reached?
  2. How about the label of start-using date, is it still obvious?
  3. Does the lifetime end?
  4. Are safety helmet color codes correct?
  5. Does the shell color change or get blur?
  6. Is the shell clean from any dirt, oil, dust, etc?
  7. Are there any signs of dents, cracks, penetration, brittleness, or deterioration found on the safety helmet shell?
  8. Does the harness gets expired?
  9. Is the harness clean from any dirt, oil, dust, etc?
  10. Is the adjustable chain strap still good?
  11. Does the adjustable nape strap function well?
  12. Do you find any defect on the brim?
  13. The peak, good or bad?
  14. Is the cradle complete?
  15. Is there any crack on the headband?
  16. Is the sweatband still good?
  17. Is the protective padding still good?

Set Up A Fix Schedule For Review the Checklist

After you make your own safety helmet inspection checklist, I recommend you to set up a schedule for a regular review like you do with the MSDS. A review is necessary to update any changes in standard or safety requirements. Or Probably, your company changes regulations related to the safety helmet.


A safety helmet inspection checklist helps you doing a better checking of your own safety helmet. Hence, It will result in consistent and throughout the inspection. Do not forget to review it periodically and communicate it with your subordinates.

Should you have additional questions that can add the above checklist, please share it with us here.