safety slogan for accident prevention

Accident prevention is the best choice. There is no better action than this.

Accident prevention can be in form of using the right safety slogans.

Besides simple, safety slogan also requires very low to no cost.

This post is dedicated to talking about the safety slogan for accident prevention, which you can choose for your own usage.

After choosing one of the safety slogans below, make sure you have also read my previous article about how to get the maximum impact of using safety slogans.

Safety Slogan for Accident Prevention

  1. Zero accident requires 100% commitment from you.
  2. Safety brings success, accident brings failure.
  3. Accident hurts, safety no.
  4. Accident prevention is the number one action.
  5. Never let accident destroy your future.
  6. Learn safety from others. Don’t let others learn safety from you. Prevent accident from happening.
  7. Accident will never happen if you always follow safety rules.
  8. Prevent accident with eveything you can do since there is no way back.
  9. Unsafe condition is the entry point for an accident to happen. Report any unsafe condition when you find it.
  10. Prevent accident before it stops you.
  11. Prevent accidents from happening through hazard elimination.
  12. Accident prevention will avoid you from doing accident investigation.
  13. Do accident prevention now, or accident will destroy your dreams.
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