construction safety slogans

Safety slogans in English is generally used as a way to communicate safety in any place; in the workplace, home, road and any place or location where safety hazards exist. The purpose is to keep your awareness toward safety alive.

Actually, any language can be used for creating safety slogan or safety motto. So, you can reach as many people as possible who do not understand English. This is one of its advantages. But, in this post I will only focus in English language.

safety slogans in english
Besides language flexibility, there are other advantages that are offered by this safety communication method:
1. Detail or short description possible. This gives more flexibility for every location and condition.
2. Pictures or images can be combined with it to strengthen and focus the messages.
3. Easy to replace when it is thought already obsolete and ineffective
4. Many kind of media can be utilized for the implementation; board, banner, poster, t-shirt, mug, hat or business card.

To create inspiring safety slogans in English, you need to consider the following factors:
• The theme
• Proper Media
• Perfect location
• Design and colors
• Time frame

Let’s talk about the above five factors in more detail.

Theme-Based Safety Slogans in English

There may be certain safety slogans that can be used for all conditions and locations. Let’s take the most famous slogan ‘Safety First’ as an example. Or ‘Safety is as simple as A-B-C’.

But in many cases, specific location requires specific slogan. Specific condition requires specific slogan too, like a laboratory. It needs lab safety slogans only.

Think first before picking up. Relevancy and in context are very important. Think about it.

The followings are example of theme-based slogans that are target-specific users.

Industrial Safety Slogans

Textile, food, beverage, oil & gas, mining and automotive industries are perfect industrial users for the above motto. It is because they use general and basic themes slogans.

industrial safety slogans

But, care should be taken when using general themes for long time. It may cause workers and people awareness die.

Plant Safety Slogans

Manufacturing and chemical plants usually use plant safety slogans in their sites. Actually, such slogans can be breaking down into specific plant that may have unique safety hazards.

plant safety slogans

Fertilizer plant will require different safety slogans with water purification plant. Hydrogen peroxide plant will be looking for completely different ones compared with low-level hazard plant.

Construction Safety Slogans

Construction site contains many kinds of hazards such as work at height, work in confined space, welding work or hot work, chemicals, electrical, falling object, combustible dust, sharp edge object and rotating parts.

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construction safety slogans

It is a complex workplace. So, general-theme safety slogans may be not effective. Construction themes-based are perfect since they are work-specific and location-specific themes.

Choose Proper Media

There are a lot of media types you can select to make your safety slogan live: banner, board, t-shirt, hat, business card and website.

Banner and board will be your best choices for the most type of workplaces. T-shirt and hat may become a better choice for developing awareness in the long term and make them memorable.

Select Perfect Location

Location factor holds important role if you choose banner or board as the media for showing safety slogans. Select the right location where you can see those slogans in high frequency.

Place your safety slogans on proper location. Don’t hide them.

Design and Color

The attention-grabbing design is desirable. It will attract people attention and you can easily convey the message.

A good color combination between text, background, and picture can obtain better looking slogans.

Time-Based Slogans

Sometimes a time-based safety slogan becomes a perfect choice such as during Turn Around or yearly preventive maintenance of a plant. You can reuse them as the same event will come in the next future. But, please note that you can do this if you see it gives desired results.

Catchy Safety Slogans

Besides the above five factors, you can take catchy safety slogans to get attention from others and deliver the message instantly. You can solely rely on the power of those catchy slogans. Let’s take a look at some examples of them:

“Accident hurts, Safety doesn’t”
“Be Aware Take Care”
“Safety First Makes Us Last”

You can do the same. But, again you need to evaluate the results. If it is okay, you can proceed using them.

Safety Slogan Pictures

Don’t make the same mistake. Some of you just buy safety slogan pictures. Then, you apply them in the workplace without considering contextual and relevancy. As long as they have strong contextual and relevancy, go ahead.


There are several factors that make safety slogans in English can be inspiring: theme (relevancy and in context), media, location, design, and color. Consider all that factors when you create ones for your own use.

But relevancy and contextual are the two most important factors.

Now, it is your turn. What thing do you consider when creating or picking up safety slogans?