safety tips for warehouse employees

Working in a warehouse is not as safe as you may think. It is also not the safest workplace.

Here is the proof:

5% of all warehouse employee will experience in an injury on the job each year.


It means that as a warehouse employee you must always take care of your safety while working in the warehouse.

Remember that a warehouse may contain many kinds of potential hazards. According to Safeopedia, the top three injury causes in a warehouse come from:

  • slips, trips and falls
  • injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling or reaching
  • material handling and forklift accidents

Then, the question is how to stay safe while working in the warehouse?

To find the answer, look at the safety tips for warehouse employees below to stay safe.

Tips #1 Get warehouse basic safety training

Make sure that you get all basic safety training before working in the warehouse.

Don’t force yourself to work without getting enough training. Never do a job that you don’t have any skill in.

Tips #2 Know the warehouse environment conditions

Go to every corner of the warehouse and know where the potential hazards exist.

Do this regularly until you fully understand the warehouse environment condition where you will work day by day.

You must know where the location of the portable fire extinguisher, emergency push button, eye washer, safety data sheet, etc.

Tips #3 Always follow the procedure

Stick to the procedure and never try to ignore it. It is designed as a safe way to do something in the warehouse.

If you find something in the procedure that you don’t understand well, do not hesitate to ask your manager.

Tips #4 Understand how to use lifting equipment

Read the manual of every lifting equipment used in the warehouse. Never use them recklessly and put overload on them. Use them smoothly and limit their loads.

Use the proper technique in operating them. Practice, practice, and practice. Since it makes your skill perfect.

Tips #5 Read all Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Read SDS of every material you will handle to know how to handle the material properly and safely.

Don’t try to handle any material that you have no knowledge about it.

Tips #6 Always use appropriate PPE

Even though PPE is the last defense against hazards but it is still necessary to protect yourself from hazard exposure.

So, never underestimate the importance of using PPE. You will be happy when you know how it protects you.

Tips #7 Report unsafe condition and unsafe action

When you find an unsafe condition or unsafe action, report it immediately to get proper action from your manager.

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Unreported unsafe conditions or unsafe actions may hurt you in the next minutes.

Tips #8 Understand the emergency response procedure

You should master this procedure. Know the potential emergencies exist in the warehouse and how to act against such emergency condition.

Perform the drill in order for you to be able to develop your skill in responding to an emergency.

Tips #9 Always walk through man-walkway to avoid forklift traffic

Stick with the man-walkway when you walk throughout the warehouse to avoid being hit by a forklift.

Never try to walk through a shortcut.

Tips #10 Keep clean the warehouse

Remember this famous safety slogan, ‘A cleaner warehouse is a safer warehouse‘. So, always keep clean when you are working.

If you ignore liquid spills, you or other employees will slip and get hurt when walking on them.

Clean up immediately when you find spills, leakage, or material that put not in its place.

Tips #11 Never work alone

In general, a warehouse has a large space in size. Work alone is not preferred in case you are in trouble.

So, notify your colleague when you work in a different location with him or her, if no one can work together with you.

Make sure CCTV and communication tools work well to ensure other employees are watching what you are doing and you can call them when you need help.

If possible, always work together with other employees. At least you are accompanied by one employee.

It is to ensure that you will get immediate help when you are in trouble.

Tips #12 Inspect working tool and equipment before use

These are the last safety tips for warehouse employees to stay safe.

Always do an inspection on working tools and equipment that you will use such as lifting and moving tools – to make sure that there are no problems with them.

For example, do a forklift inspection before you drive it.

Tips #13 Always follow the health protocols

There is no guarantee that Covid-19 will infect you after getting vaccines. So, always follow Covid-19 health protocols to stay safe. Read warehouse safety tips during the Covid-19 outbreak to learn more.

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