safety tips for workers

Workers have very important rules in accident prevention. But, most workers might do not know what they should do to prevent an incident.

Indeed, that’s a very big problem.

But, do not worry. In this post, I will share 7 safety tips for workers that are practicable.

You can implement them today after reading this post.

Believe me, you can take your important part in accident prevention by following these tips, which are basically general safety rules.

Let us see these safety tips for workers one by one…

Safety Tips for Workers – The Basic Safety Rules

Safety Tips No.1: Get Adequate Safety Training

You must ensure that you have already followed basic safety training, where you get knowledge about basic safety rules, fire hazard control, how to identify hazards, how to use a portable fire extinguisher, and so on.

And make sure that you have understood these topics. Ask your manager or supervisor if you do not understand well about a topic.

Remember that do not force yourself to work when you are not ready to work. It is too risky. It may hurt you and your colleagues.

Safety Tips No.2: Always Know What You Are Doing

The morning briefing session is very important to understand what you are going to do. Make sure you already understand your manager’s instructions.

You must know what you are doing. And you know how to do it safely.

Safety Tips No.3: Always Wear PPE

Even though PPE or personal protective equipment is the last defense against hazards, but it is still necessary. Surely, it can prevent you from direct exposure to potential hazards.

Stand in front of a mirror when you will start your daily work to make sure that you already wear standard PPE.

It is a very easy self-check.

Safety Tips No.4: Know Where You Are Working

Every location in the workplace has different characteristics and potential hazards as well. So, you must know where you are working.

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Know the potential hazards and know where safety equipment is located. And you know how to get help when you are facing a problem, including an emergency condition.

To have such knowledge, you must follow work orientation sessions accordingly.

Safety Tips No.5: Always Follow the Procedures

Never take shortcuts to accelerate your job completion. You will feel sorry. Instead, you must follow every working procedure. But make sure you are using the latest procedure.

Including in these safety tips is you must obey all the safety signs, warnings, tags, safety slogans, and prohibitions.

Safety Tips No.6: You Must Report Safety Problem Immediately

Do not try to hold any safety problem you find by yourself. It may endanger you or other workers the next day.

You must speak. Tell others what you have found.

If you do this at least someone else will know and may share it with the manager in order to take necessary actions.

Safety Tips No.7: Don’t Be Lazy, Always Update Your Safety Knowledge and Skills

Make yourself available for any updates that appear in the workplace; procedures, work instructions, health and safety rules, new facilities, hazard identification, safety signs, and so on.

In addition, you need to improve your safety knowledge and skills from time to time through classroom training, on-the-job training, seminar, bench-marking, safety sharing session, formal certification, group discussion, and more.

If you are discipline to do this, you will prepare yourself to face any unexpected situation, including emergency conditions.