scaffolding accidents

Scaffold accidents may be seen as a secondary hazard in a chemical plant. It could be understood because the use of scaffold is less frequent in operating or existing chemical plants. The scaffold is probably used if there is construction work done at the plant site.

In addition, the scaffold-related accident has higher probabilities to happen due to scaffold users are construction workers or construction labors who may have received inadequate safety training.

Scaffold usage could cause various accidents at work. Fall accidents may become the major work accident related to scaffold operation. It could cause fatal injuries and deaths. So that’s why safety precautions on such accidents at work should be given in high priority.

The Statistics

Employers have to take necessary preventive actions to stop scaffold accidents through the improvement of safety work permits, better scaffold checks, safety talks, safety signs, and safety induction programs.

Another idea is to use scaffold accident statistics to warn both employers and employees. You can use the scaffold accident statistic to enhance their awareness. You can include such data as safety topics for safety talks, safety signs, safety meetings, or safety posters.

According to the report of the Bureau of Labor Statistic US in 2007, 88 fatalities occurred from scaffolds. In its recent study, it was reported that 72% of workers injured in scaffold accidents were caused either by support giving away or by employee slipping or being struck by a falling object.

Meanwhile, according to that around 50 people die each year in the United Kingdom because of scaffolds that have collapsed, and over 4,500 are injured due to faulty or defective scaffolds.

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The two scaffold accident statistics are more than enough to convey a clear message that scaffold operation could cause work accidents in chemical plants.

In addition, if I used search keyword “scaffold accident” on OSHA website, I found more than 4,200 accident records. You can view those records here.