sds binder

You may handle hundreds of Safety Data Sheet (SDS) inside your chemical plant. This is as the consequence of using hundreds of hazardous chemicals for the production process. All the SDS should be managed properly; otherwise you and your workers could be in danger when handling these hazardous chemicals.

Proper management of SDS means making those SDS available at every point of use. They are usually used in areas of incoming inspection, production, warehouse, laboratory, etc. And the existence of SDS binders could greatly help to create proper management of SDS.

SDS Binder

SDS binders are made of tough flexible and bright yellow polyethylene for durability and visibility in all environments. They come with a chain to keep them at one location where they can be easily accessible.

There are several different ring sizes of SDS binders, for example, 1″, 1½”, 2½”, and 3″. Each binder ring size has a different capacity. And the ring size selection will depend on your SDS quantity.

Some of them are also completed with training inserts, which include OSHA hazard communication standard highlight, compliance checklist, pre-written hazard communication program, A to Z index tabs, training booklet and etc.

The use of them can help you have better SDS management in your organization in order to make it readily available and easily accessible by all related workers wherever they work inside the chemical plant or manufacturing plant.

It had better keep more than one SDS binder in each point of use or workplace area. It is because each SDS has to be readily available and easily accessible including in case of an emergency situation.

Finally, do not forget to perform regular updates on the content of SDS binders, i.e. each SDS inside them. It is much more important.

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