sewage backup

What you need to be aware of when it comes to sewer backups

Sewer backups can be a big problem for you, your home and your family. This can cause great damage to your home and even pose a health risk. There are several health effects of wastewater reserves:

1. Infectious diseases

Wastewater contains large amounts of organic matter and can sometimes be heated when it is in an urban system. This creates a breeding ground for microorganisms that otherwise could benignly pass the water. Inhaling air in the vicinity of foreign bodies or contacting it with liquids may increase the risk of developing diseases such as hepatitis or leptospirosis. This becomes a serious hazard if a person has open wounds or injuries.

2. Insects and pests

If sewage backup causes flooding in the basement it can lead to a dangerous infestation of insects in a house. Mosquitoes can multiply rapidly in stagnant water and spread diseases such as malaria and the West Nile virus. Smaller rodents can be trapped and killed by the flood, leaving the body in the liquid, where it becomes a dangerous host to diseases that can spread to animals and surviving insects in the basement. For this reason, it is important that the wastewater is cleaned as soon as possible after the flood.

3. Poor air quality

Sewage backup can contain various elements that contribute to poor air quality in the home. In the decomposition of organic substances, harmful gases such as methane can be released. Water in wastewater can promote the growth of molds and fungi that cause respiratory problems. Treated liquids may also contain unprocessed and harmful amounts of chemicals such as bleach or chlorine, depending on the source of the leak. These can damage the lining of the lungs, eyes and nasal tissue.

4. Environmental pollution

Bacteria, parasites and other organisms can multiply in the wastewater and are easily transmitted to the skin of the hands by imperceptible droplets, even if the liquid is not directly touched. This can cause a person to contaminate foods or water that are later consumed if the skin is not washed well after surfacing in or in high water. The ingestion of these harmful organisms can lead to severe fever, liver and kidney damage and dehydration due to vomiting.

However, if you act fast when sewage causes a problem, you should be able to solve the problem properly. Make sure you block as much wastewater as possible by backing up sinks, toilets, and bathrooms. Contact a plumber as soon as possible for the backup to be completed as soon as possible. A sewer system is not only disgusting but also a great danger to the environment and your property. The good news is that you can prevent a backup from being made.

To prevent this, you must do the following:

  • Large objects – Large items such as plastics, paper towels, and sanitary towels generally cause sewage backup. To be on the safe side, you must prevent pushing or flushing them in the system. You ought to as well avoid overuse of your waste. This requires that you prevent pushing many unwanted food products at the disposal. Some of the foods you should consider are rice, salad dressing, and vegetable pieces.
  • cooking oil – You ought to prevent pouring cooking oil and other fat-based products into your drains or toilets. Edible oil tends to solidify on cooling, causing the sewer line to clog. To be sure, you must dispose of the oil in a heat-resistant container.
  • Roots -This is something that can be difficult to handle, simply because roots seem to have a mind of their own. They can actually grow into the pipes, which can cause holes in them and then create blockages. It can also allow the sewage to go into the ground. They can even crush the pipes in some cases.
  • Shrubs and trees – You need to know where your sewer line runs and prevent planting trees and shrubs nearby. In the search for moisture, tree roots tend to enter the sewer system and cause cracks. As they continue to grow, they cause system failures and even system damage. If you have already planted trees in the sewer, you should take preventive measures to prevent the roots of the shrubs and trees from entering the sewer. It is best to use a root killer containing copper sulfate.
  • Backup device – In the sewage system of your home, you can install a series of sewer backflows to prevent sewage from entering your home when the main sewers are obstructed. You must install the unit so that it enters the residential sewer pipe connected to the sewer in the area near you. For best results, make sure that the unit is installed by a specialist.
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Other preventive measures

There are a lot of other ways that you can control sewage backup from happening. One possibility is to put wood or rubber stoppers in the drains before a heavy rainstorm. If you do not want to install additional plugs before every heavy rainfall, it is recommended to install permanent plugs. Again, make sure that the connectors are professionally installed.

A problem with the sewer network can be daunting and disgusting. Waking up one morning and finding your basement or bathroom with untreated sewage can be a terrible experience. In addition, toxic black molds can emerge in such situations, which can pose a major health risk.

So if you experience a sewage backup, quick thinking and intervening can significantly reduce the damage to your property. Quick action to solve the problem can reduce stress in such a situation and allow the right repair technician the time they need to respond. In recovery, the phase will certainly change the habits that have contributed to the problem to avoid further problems. This is also good advice for the average owner as prevention is the best way to solve a problem. As always, contact your local technician, get professional advice in any situation, and make sure you find the best option for your personal needs.

The selected company should have years of experience with these issues to ensure proper cleaning and repair. This company must also be willing to replace the main pipes if the damage is serious. In this kind of disaster, priority should be given to protecting the family from bacteria and problems. Having a company, you can trust to complete work quickly and appropriately is a must.

About the author: Del Mar Cottledge is a plumber in macomb county Michigan who specializes in fixing sewage backups and other plumbing related needs.