short safety slogans

Short safety slogans are preferred by most of us. It is because they are easy to remember as well as simple to apply to many kinds of media. As the result, such slogans are frequently used in the workplace.

In this post, I will show you 42 inspiring short safety slogans for the workplace. They cover several themes such as industrial, electrical, and construction.

Each slogan contains less than seven words. So, it is relatively short.

short safety slogans

Most of them are taken from several sources with care and some of them are created by me. I hope you can be inspired by those short safety slogans and take one that you think about grabbing your attention and may other people too.

If you prefer to create safety slogans by yourself, read the guide to creating inspiring safety slogans in English.

Ready To Use Short Safety Slogans

The following are 42 ready to use short safety slogans. They are classified based on each specific theme.

Pick one that you may think relevant and have context with your workplace.

Industrial Safety Slogans

industrial safety slogans

1. Safety first
2. Always be careful
3. Accident hurts, safety doesn’t
4. Be aware take care
5. Be alert, accident hurts
6. Choose safety for your family
7. Know safety, no pain
8. Know safety, no accident
9. Safety first to last
10. Safety is the best insurance ever
11. Safety is no accident
12. Safety starts with me
13. Success starts with safety first
14. Think safety before you work
15. Be safety-minded
16. Safety brings cheers

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Electrical Safety Slogans

electrical safety slogans

1. Electricity has the power to kill
2. Loose wire causes fire
3. Take charge for electrical safety
4. Turn electrical hazard off
5. Electricity can turn you off
6. Be careful with electrical power
7. Higher voltage higher hazard. Be careful.
8. Electricity shocks you. Be careful.
9. Electrical power leads to a safety hazard
10. A faulty wire can be dire
11. A bad wire can cause a fire
12. Don’t be stranger to electric danger
13. Remember, electricity is a fire source too.
14. Prevent overload, use electricity wisely
15. You have the power to control electrical power
16. A faulty cord should not be ignored
17. Be aware when electricity is there

Construction Safety Slogans

construction safety slogans

1. A successful project starts with safety first
2. Safety rules control project schedule
3. Safe construction builds, unsafe construction destroys
4. Zero accident ensures project success
5. No project without safety
6. The construction zone is no accident zone
7. This project is under safety control. Be careful.
8. A project is kicked off with safety.
9. Safety rules are the best construction tools


Short safety slogans are effective to promote and communicate safety in the workplace; easy to remember and look catchy. Again, think the relevancy and contextual prior to use.

How about you? Do you like to use short safety slogans too? Please share it with me here.