slogan about safety precautions in the laboratory

Even though laboratory is smaller than other work area in the plant site, but it does not mean that you can ignore the safety risks.

You must communicate laboratory safety continuously to the whole laboratory members through effective methods such as by using laboratory safety slogans.

You can use the following lab safety slogans about safety precautions in the laboratory to improve laboratory members’ awareness of laboratory safety.

Slogan About Safety Precautions in the Laboratory

  1. No clear label, no use.
  2. Always follow written and verbal instructions to stay safe.
  3. Safety needs a plan. So, make a safe plan to work.
  4. Never mix two or more unknown chemical reagents. It is a very dangerous activity.
  5. Lab safety is not an experiment. Always follow the safety-first principle.
  6. Understand the SDS first before handling any chemicals.
  7. The compressed gas cylinder contains high energy. Be careful when handling it.
  8. Never use compressed air for cleaning your cloth. It is very dangerous.
  9. Always handle dangerous chemicals inside the fume hood to avoid exposure.
  10. It is very important to make sure the fume hood exhaust works well. Check it before every use.
  11. Never eat or drink in the laboratory. You may get poison.
  12. Segregate properly any laboratory waste. Never mix incompatible wastes.
  13. Do not use damaged electrical equipment since it may result in electrical sparks.
  14. Know exactly where the eye washer, body shower, and fire extinguisher are located.
  15. Never leave any active experiment, heating operation, or anything that potentially resulted in a reaction.
  16. Identify each potential fire in the laboratory and know where you store flammable and combustible materials.
  17. Clean up immediately any chemical spills since they create unsafe conditions.
  18. Never operator laboratory equipment that you have not been trained yet its operation.
  19. Never taste or smell chemicals. It is very dangerous.
  20. Report immediately any unsafe condition to your supervisor. Don’t keep them by yourself.
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