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How to Select the Right Hydrogen Peroxide IBC in 5 Steps

hydrogen peroxide ibc

In this post we will learn how to select the right IBC for hydrogen peroxide. This post is devoted for you as the end user of hydrogen peroxide since you may have limited information on how to select the right one.

IBC tote or Intermediate Bulk Container tote is one of the most common packaging type used for hydrogen peroxide.

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Practical Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Tips You Must Know

hydrogen peroxide safety

Hydrogen peroxide is a dangerous liquid with strong oxidizing characteristic. You have to handle it with care. Otherwise, you will get injured as what has happened to a student who unwittingly made explosive from hydrogen peroxide recently at University of Bristol. That’s why you must understand hydrogen peroxide safety tips very well.

As you might already know that beside as a strong oxidizer, hydrogen peroxide is also an irritant and toxic chemical.

You have to handle this hazardous chemical with care and follow the safe handling procedure. This starts from good preservation or storing, handling, usage and also disposal.

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