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8 Practical Safety Tips for Housing Keeping You Can Apply Right Now

safety tips for house keeping

Safety starts with a clean workplace. You will not be able to keep a clean workplace if you have a bad workplace house keeping practices or have house keeping problems.

Even though workplace house keeping is very important activity, but you should realize that house keeping contains several potential safety hazards such as slips, trips, falling, electric short, static electricity, chemical exposures, sharp objects and so on.

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Safety Tips of the Day: Storage Tank Maintenance Safety

storage tank maintenance safety

A fire occurred at Westlake Chemical Corporation on Jan 26, 2022, in Louisiana, causing 6 persons injured.

The fire occurred in the vicinity of a storage tank that had been out of service for maintenance.

From the above accident story, what kind of safety lesson could we take?

At least, we can notice a very important keyword here, i.e. storage tank maintenance safety.

How we can prevent the same accident? Could we prevent that accident that involves a storage tank?

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