improve mental health

Running a successful warehouse includes more than just installing the right equipment and investing in some PPE. As well as production and workload, the warehouse industry also has huge responsibilities when it comes to the physical and mental health of employees. A warehouse can be a loud, crowded, and potentially hazardous place, so ensuring that regulations and precautions are arranged will ensure staff members are safe and the environment is suitable to work in. 

How to improve warehouse staff’s mental health 

If staff members are struggling with their mental well-being, this is not only a knockback for them personally but can also affect the business and their productivity. Almost 1 in 7 employees experience mental health issues in the workplace and this form of health is just as important as physical injury or harm. Providing better support at work can make a huge difference to employee mental well-being and will also reduce business matters such as sickness days, turnover, recruitment costs, and reputation. 

Open communication 

One of the biggest ways to battle mental health and show support is through communication. Whether this is a weekly check-up or an online group chat, providing employees with a safe, friendly space to talk will give employers a chance to offer advice and ensure staff members don’t feel alone in their situation. This also gives the opportunity for employees to build relationships and resonate with anyone else who feels the same. Many workplaces implement regular 1-1’s with their staff or group meetings if there are large numbers. The main aim of open communication is to be there when needed. 

Improving physical health

Having poor physical health can easily, and in most cases does, lead to poor mental health. If employees are having issues with their physical well-being this can result in them taking time off, working in uncomfortable positions, missing out on pay, or being restricted in their private lives. The conditions of a warehouse can result in employees suffering poor health through things such as dampness or mold, ventilation, germs, and dust. Another huge contributor to warehouse safety is machinery and equipment. Ensuring that machine safety standards are met, all equipment is working properly and staff are fully trained will ensure hazards are avoided and injuries are reduced. 

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Healthcare benefits 

Offering employee healthcare has become a huge feature in many businesses’ retention and recruitment strategies. Although it’s always been a key benefit, since COVID, employees are appreciating this benefit even more. Healthcare can include things such as free boosters or flu shots, counseling, dentistry, or even yearly checkups. Helping with both the physical and mental health of employees, implementing this benefit into the workplace will show consideration and care.  

Invest in HR resources 

Having a solid team of human resource professionals in place will give employees the opportunity to raise issues and suggestions whenever they feel fit. Warehouses in particular can be large in their capacity, so knowing who and where to go when an issue arises can reduce stress and get it resolved as quickly as possible. Having this team in place will also offer huge benefits to the company in terms of professionalism, organization, and finance. Matters raised to HR could include pay, working conditions, management, personal issues, conflict, or health and safety, all of which can have a knock-on effect on mental health. 

Team building exercises 

A workplace should be more than just meeting targets and going home. In a warehouse environment, teamwork is crucial, and building relationships with colleagues can be key to reducing mental health worries. By implementing team building exercises, staff members can build relationships, improve their skillset and improve confidence. Businesses can also implement these exercises into existing events such as training sessions or health and safety tasks.