truck driver safety meeting topics

Truck drivers who deliver hazardous chemicals – like hydrogen peroxide -require deeper safety knowledge than truck drivers in general. To enhance their knowledge about safety on such chemical transport, a truck driver safety meeting must be conducted. At least it is conducted once a year.

You may have scheduled your own truck driver safety meeting for several years with the same topics. You do not have any idea about the meeting topics so that you decide to use the same topics.

Ideally, truck driver safety meeting topics should cover all aspects associated with hazardous chemical transport. It is because you have to ensure not only the driver’s safety and the goods, but you have to ensure people’s safety during hazardous chemical transport that may take thousands of miles away from the plant site to your customer’s site.

If you have got the same problem, the list of truck driver safety meeting topics below could help you to get idea for the topics. Choose topics that are suitable for your need and you could brainstorm for another idea from the list.

  1. Regulations related to hazardous chemicals transport
  2. Parts (accessories) of bulk containers and their functions
  3. Bulk container: identification number, nameplate, terms, and regulated markings.
  4. Safety devices installed on containers.
  5. Required hazardous chemical symbols.
  6. Empty containers lifting procedure from the ground to truck.
  7. List of required personal protective equipment.
  8. Tools required for unloading and loading work.
  9. Delivery safety permit system.
  10. Truck safety checklist.
  11. Liquid chemicals loading procedure from product tank to bulk container or another type of container.
  12. Liquid chemical unloading procedure from a bulk container to receiving tank.
  13. Emergency response procedure for hazardous chemical spills and leaks.
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If you think once a year is not enough, it is your own decision to add the frequency of the safety meeting, mainly by considering the whole safety meeting topics.