turnaround safety slogans

Safety slogan has a high flexibility in area of implementations. It can be used in production, laboratory, construction, and during turnaround. For turnaround, we will use turnaround safety slogans.

Turnaround is a regular plant maintenance that is usually carried out every year or perhaps more than one year. During the turnaround, many jobs are done in a same time frame. Besides that, more workers are also involved with various level of skills and expertise.

In frame of safety, probability of an incident to happen during the turnaround is enough high.

Because of that reason, an extra care and better planning are necessary for managing turnaround jobs and keep worker’s awareness against safety.

Why Should You Use Turnaround Safety Slogans?

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Besides its flexibility, turnaround safety slogans also offers simplicity. You can use turnaround safety slogans to convey any safety message with eye-catching visual. However, please consider in context to get maximum result.

You can easily change one safety slogan with another to evaluate its performance.

You can also prepare turnaround safety slogans in advance prior to start the turnaround.

The content of turnaround safety slogans can be made by following the results of hazard identification or Job Safety Analysis for a specific jobs or working area.

The Safety Slogan List

You can pick up the safety slogans below for promoting safety during the plant turnaround:

  1. Follow the safety rules to finish this turnaround
  2. Turnaround will end, safety never.
  3. Start turnaround job with safety and finish it safely.
  4. Turnaround safety is no 1 priority.
  5. Don’t forget to get safety permit before starting turnaround job.
  6. The best turnaround tool: safety, safety, safety.
  7. Turnaround schedule needs safety to be finished on time.
  8. Remember 3P when Turnaround: People-Preparation-Prevention
  9. Safety will convey turnaround to a happy ending
  10. Remember this year turnaround target: safe to the end.
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Note: Using a chemical plant turnaround safety checklist will help you managing safety during the turnaround in better way.