wearable carbon monoxide detector

According to cdc.gov, during 2010-2015 there are 2,242 deaths caused by unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning.

The highest point in each year was in the winter season. OSHA released a warning to employers about this hazardous gas during the winter season.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen where ever you go: workplace, office, home, hotel, school, camping, in a car, and so on.

So, you have to equip yourself with a wearable carbon monoxide detector to notify you whenever carbon monoxide gas exists.

With a wearable carbon monoxide detector, you will able to know immediately when carbon monoxide gas is detected. Soon, you will be able to take quick action to save your life.

In case you are in the workplace, the same situation will happen. A fixed carbon monoxide detector may not enough because it has limited-measuring coverage. You still have to have a wearable CO monitor.

The possibility to get poisoned by carbon monoxide increases when you work under a confined space or unusual operation like plant shutdown or yearly maintenance period.

Why You Should Have Wearable Carbon Monoxide Detector

wearable carbon monoxide detectorFrom its size, the wearable carbon monoxide detector is the smallest carbon monoxide detector.

You can call it a personal carbon monoxide monitor too. Some people call it a wearable CO monitor or travel CO detector.

But, why do you have to use a wearable carbon monoxide detector?

Here are the reasons:

  1. you still have a possibility to be attacked by carbon monoxide gas when your fixed-type carbon monoxide detector or alarm fails to detect the existence of the gas caused by any reason. The wearable carbon monoxide detector roles as the backup tool.
  2. carbon monoxide gas can exist in some potential areas of the workplace, including the office and company’s car.
  3. carbon monoxide gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, where only a carbon monoxide detector can detect it.
  4. a wearable carbon monoxide detector such as Pocket CO KWJ 72-9021 can be brought easily to any place where a fixed-type detector can’t. You can attach it to your mobile phone, key-chain or wear-pack.
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4 Recommended Wearable Carbon Monoxide Detector

Now you already knew why you have to have a wearable carbon monoxide detector. So, it is time for you to select the right product that is available in the market.

But before that, it is important to know things to consider in selecting the best ones:

  • alarm
  • power source
  • waterproof
  • weight
  • display
  • accurate
  • measuring the ability

Below here are 4 wearable carbon monoxide detector that I have chosen by myself. You can see the feature in an easy to read table.

Feature Pocket CO KWJ 72-9021 Sensorcon INS-CO-03 Handheld CO Meter GM8805 Ruby Electronic CO-180
Power source 1 Battery, Alkaline 1CR2 1 Battery, CR132A 2 AAA Battery, 1.5V 1 9V-Battery
Weight, ounce < 1 4 3.7 2.4
Audible Alarm Yes, 85dB Yes, adjustable Yes, adjustable Yes, beeper sound
Visible Alarm Bright red light No No No
Measurement range, ppm 5 – 500 0 – 500 0 – 1000 0 -1000
Resolution, ppm 1 1 1 n.a
Accuracy, ppm n.a 10% 5% n.a
Digital display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Response time < 90 sec < 20 sec < 60 sec seconds
One-button operation Yes No No No
Waterproof No Yes No No
Auto power off No No Yes Yes
Color Yellow Black with green lettering Black Dark grey and Yellow
Customer rating 3.5 4.5 3.7 5.0
Product first release Sep 12, 2008 Nov 3, 2014 Oct 25, 2015 May 28, 2009
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