road safety

With the rapid economic growth and the continuous expansion of the scale of cities, the contradiction between urban transportation supply and demand has become increasingly prominent. The problem of traffic congestion is prominent, and frequent traffic accidents have become a major public hazard in society.

According to the police, most traffic accidents are caused by traffic violations committed by traffic participants. We hope that more citizens will pay attention to traffic safety, carefully review and correct uncivilized traffic habits, save precious lives from ruthless car accidents, and respect people’s survival values and right to survival.

Easily overlooked factors of car accidents, there are many factors in the occurrence of traffic accidents. In most cases, the drivers play a decisive role. For example, drunk driving, fatigued driving, speeding and overloading, sick cars on the road, scrapped cars returning to driving or paralyzed due to overconfidence, etc.

In addition to the above factors, there are some little-known factors that can cause car accidents. To keep road safety, you need to remember these 10 tips.

  1. Listening low decibel Music In the Car

Listening to music to make you relax, but also will affect your hearing to distract your attention for driving, and reduce the judgment of the surrounding environment and the car.

Experiments show that when the volume is 76 decibels, the error rate of the driver’s judgment is less than 24%, and when the volume is 95 decibels, the judgment error rate is higher than 40%.

Therefore, you’d better ensure low decibel music or no music when you are driving

2. Bright Color clothing of passerby and reflective tape on the car

Bright colors are easy to arouse the attention of people if the passerby can wear the eye-catching bright clothing, the drivers will drive carefully to avoid the passerby, reduce the occurrence of car accidents. 

Therefore, the students’ yellow hat’ or red flag can effectively remind the drivers when the school organizes outings.

The reflective clothing also can show bright light when meet headlight, glare reflective light will remind drivers to keep away from the wearer. Thus it is necessary to wear clothing or a hat with reflective fabric when you want to bike or run at night. For more information about the reflective vest, you can turn to the article: how do reflective vests play a real role in safety protection?

Screen print reflective sheeting for reflective decals

On rainy and foggy days, bright yellow and light green cars are most easily found, and the distance to be found is about 3 times longer than that of ordinary dark-colored cars. The light and bright colors not only seem to increase the outline of the car but also make oncoming drivers excited and concentrated, which is conducive to safe driving. If you have a dark-colored vehicle, pasting reflective conspicuity tape or warning tape also can make your vehicle eye-catching at night.

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3. Don’t take medication before driving

According to research data of German scientists, about 11% of the drivers in accidents were caused by taking sedatives, sleeping, pain relief, and cough suppressants.

4. Don’t smoke when driving

Smoking not only harms your health but can also cause car accidents.

According to the analysis of American experts, smoke irritates the eyes and respiratory tract, and can easily cause blurred vision and coughing.

According to measurements, at dusk, if you smoke four cigarettes in a short time, your eyesight can be reduced by 20-30%.

5. Don’t drive over the speed

The main hazards of speeding are as follows:

  • To affect vision and induce fatigue
  • The mental paralysis and attention is scattered
  • Affecting operation and judgment errors
  • Causing accidents and consequences.

6. Don’t fatigue driving

The main hazards of fatigued driving are as follows:

 In spring and summer, the temperature in the cab is high and the air circulation is poor.

Drivers are easily fatigued, often feel mentally tired, their vision gradually becomes blurred, their thinking becomes dull, and their judgment ability decreases, actions are dull, untimely and inaccurate in shifting gears, lack of concentration, incomplete thinking, sluggishness, sluggish operation, and sometimes even forgetting to operate or experiencing short-term sleep phenomena, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and causing a traffic accident.

7. Don’t Drunk Driving

The main hazards of drunk driving are as follows:

Driving without drinking alcohol, is a truth that every driver should know, but there are still some drivers who “know that there are tigers in the mountains, they tend to go to the mountains”, and they still do the same after drinking.

According to relevant data, the hazards of drunk driving have exceeded that of fatigue driving, and the proportion of traffic accidents is 16 times higher than that of people without alcohol.

8. You must Know the Safety Signs and Symbols

Safety signs and symbols are important safety communication tools. They show information on the reflective stickers, limited speed, sharp turn, road construction ahead, etc. About the work safety sign and symbols, you can turn to know more from this article.

Anyway, to keep road safety is to protect our lives, it is not only the responsibility of the traffic police but also everyone’s responsibility.