where to store safety data sheet

Working with hazardous chemicals requires Safety Data Sheet of SDS readily available every time we need it in the workplace.

As employers, companies should ensure that SDS’s are always available, updated and can be accessed whenever employees need them.

Now, the question is where is the best place to store a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in the workplace?

To find the answers, read the following best practices below that will guide to where to place SDS and how manage them appropriately:

  1. You can store SDS as paper copies or in form of electronic files
  2. SDS must be placed in a location that all employees can access during work hour
  3. Do not store SDS behind a locked door or on password-protected devices.
  4. SDS must be stored in all work area where hazardous chemicals are stored, handled or used.
  5. If you choose to use SDS electronic copies, you must ensure that SDS’s are still available if the electricity or internet access loss happen.
  6. It is highly recommended to provide backup files in form of external hard drive, flash disk, USB stick or mobile phone.
  7. SDS electronic copies should be formatted in a format so that it cannot be edited or changed incidentally by users such as in PDF guide
  8. SDS in hard copies form can be stored in a loose-leaf binder as like this product.
  9. The location or place where SDS is stored must be easily recognizable by using a clear signage or indicators
  10. Do not forget to update the SDS that is stored at every point in regular basis
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