instrumental sunshades

When talking about workplace safety, the safety of the workers or personnel in a rig or a plant is what is discussed the most.  One crucial aspect of safety,  which is protecting the equipment and devices in high-risk work environments like on a ship or a rig, is hardly ever talked about. 

Anyone working in the oil & gas or marine industry can vouch for the fact that the working environment can be harsh – both from external and internal factors. External factors include extreme sun exposure etc. Internal factors include falling debris and mechanical damage among others. 

The wear and tear on your devices from the factors mentioned above will directly translate towards –

  1. Having to replace devices and equipment at a higher frequency 
  2. Slowing down production to reduce wear and tear
  3. Having to make room for unaccounted maintenance in your budget

What is the solution?

The answer to the above dilemma is simple. Instrumental sunshades. These are protective shades designed to protect the instruments from sunlight (heat) and mechanical damage among other things. Furthermore, installing instrumental sunshades helps in reducing downtime and plant maintenance costs. 

Instrumental sunshades can be customized according to your requirement and can be easily mounted on a 2-inch pipe using mounting accessories that are also customizable as per request. These sunshades are available in two materials –

Furthermore, you can customize your shades in multiple styles, such as canopies or cabinets depending on your requirement. Confused as to what kind of sunshade your plant or site needs? Consulting a reputed engineering solutions provider like Gravity MEA can help. These highly experienced and trained engineering consultants will provide you with the right kind of instrumental sunshade that will suit your needs. 

Apart from increasing the durability of your onsite equipment, instrumental sunshades are essential for the overall safety of your workplace. 

Below are 5 reasons why instrumental sunshades are a game changer for the safety of the oil & gas and marine industries. 

1. An essential for workplace safety 

As mentioned earlier, workplace safety is not limited to harnessing personnel with proper equipment. Your equipment not being sufficiently protected can lead to further damage in case of an accident like a fire hazard or other workplace accidents. Vandalism leading to serious monetary issues is a workplace safety hazard that is not discussed enough. Customizing your instrumental sunshades to cabinets is an efficient way to protect your equipment from both mechanical damage and vandalism. 

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2.  They are cost-effective 

Instrumental sunshades are extremely cost-effective. Durable and highly resistant, once installed these sunshades require little to no maintenance. These corrosion-resistant instrumental sunshades operate excellently even in aggressive environments like sea-side installation or chemical corrosion. Instrumental sunshades are definitely a budget-friendly solution that helps you avoid unnecessary costs in the long run. 

3. Easy to install

Installing instrumental sunshades in your worksite is a hassle-free process, which requires no downtime when you consult an experienced solutions provider such as Gravity MEA. 

Addressing the specific needs of your workplace, Gravity will design the sunshade and manage the whole process efficiently by providing end-to-end management of the entire process – from the consultation of the project requirement, and planning to the final installation.

4. It is a sustainable solution

Sustainable practices are essential for any business, with the very real threat of climate change at large. Industries such as the oil & gas and the marine industries are held to a higher ethical standard, owing to the nature of the business. Apart from the environmental factors, ESG policies play a huge role in attracting revenue and investors to companies.  

Installing instrumental sunshades is a step towards practicing sustainability as –

  • These sunshades are made to be durable and once installed can last you for years. This translates to less consumption and wastage
  • The materials used to make the sunshades are all recyclable and can be safely disposed of, as none of the materials used pose a threat to the environment. 
  • By using industrial sunshades, you increase the durability of your onsite equipment, which again translates to less consumption and wastage. 

5. Multipurpose solution

The range of protection instrumental sunshades provide is vast. GRP and Stainless Steel sunshades are UV and corrosion-resistant and will protect against a range of damages from direct heat from the sun and high-impact damages due to the tools used in the industries. Additionally, instrumental sunshades can minimize glares on viewing monitors, which drastically improves their visibility

In conclusion, instrumental sunshades are essential for any company that takes its worksite safety seriously. It is a complete game changer that not only adds to the overall safety measures of your worksite but also adds to the long-term profit generation of your company.