snickers - the perfect choice for workers

High-quality workwear isn’t just a luxury; it is a necessity. Wearing the right gear can help jobs go more smoothly, increase safety, and make the workday more comfortable.

In recent years, one name has come to the fore when it comes to making workwear that performs amazingly in the workplace, but as an added bonus, looks pretty cool as well – Snickers.

Snickers manufactures a wide range of workwear, with quality sewn into every stitch. This guide looks at Snickers workwear trousers and discusses why they are the perfect workwear trouser.

Quality Through and Through

It is impossible to discuss Snicker’s workwear without discussing the care that goes into each article of clothing they produce.

Like all Snickers gear, Snickers trousers are manufactured with meticulous attention to detail that guarantees each garment is perfect. But that’s just the beginning. To ensure that Snickers workwear remains the de facto industry standard, Snickers also maintains rigorous standards in: 

  • Material Quality – Snickers uses the latest and most technologically advanced materials in their range of workwear, including Goretex, Coolmax, and Cordura.
  • Innovative design and features – Snickers is always pushing the envelope when it comes to design and innovation. This relentlessness to keep improving has produced such innovations as holstered pockets, kneepads, and a knee pad positioning system that can be used with Snickers workwear trousers.


As a result of this commitment to superb manufacturing standards and innovation, Snickers trousers are highly durable.

For instance, the Snickers 6241 trouser is manufactured from Cordura; this material is resistant to tears and rips, making it ideal for withstanding the wear and tear of even the harshest working environment.

Value for money

At first glance, this might not seem to make a lot of sense. There are cheaper options available when shopping around for work trousers.

But, looking at it with a long-term focus, the picture is different, although there are cheaper options, Snickers trousers are not what you’d call expensive. Indeed, considering they are a premium brand, the price you pay is extremely reasonable.

But here’s the thing, because of their high durability and quality, Snickers work trousers will outlast just about any other brand you care to name. Effectively, this means that in the long term, buying the quality gear that Snickers manufactures will save you money.

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Extreme Comfort

The workday can be long and hard, and anything that can make it a little more comfortable has got to be a big plus.

Once again, Snickers has it covered!

As an example of how Snickers has pushed the comfort boundaries, let’s look at the Snickers 6241 trouser again. Lightweight yet warm, these use Cordura to give the trousers a “stretch” that allows for comfort in movement.

This is most apparent around the knee area, where Snickers has incorporated a unique 4-way stretch system that offers both amazing support, flexibility, and ultimately – comfort.


The style of the trouser might not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to choosing trousers for work. But, the fact that Snickers trousers don’t just perform superbly, but also look fantastic is another big plus.

This commitment to producing trousers that aren’t just functional but also look the part is another testament to the attention to detail and care that Snickers put into their product development.

Multi-trade functionality

Snickers trousers are perfect for all trades, with a high level of functionality designed into them right from the outset. This means that they are suitable for all types of trades.

With a multitude of pockets, including for mobile phones and innovative holster pockets, and with flexibility and comfort a key design brief, these are perfect for any trade, including: 

  • Joinery
  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Engineering

For manual workers, it is hard to think of any trade or other employment where the worker won’t benefit from the comfort and functionality that Snickers trousers provide them with.


Snickers have been supplying the most satisfactory workwear for decades, and the company has a philosophy of producing the highest quality at the best prices. This ethos is apparent in their trousers.

For sheer quality that offers great functionality without sacrificing aspects like durability and style, it is easy to see why Snickers workwear trousers are the perfect choice for the modern workplace.